• What are AR Runs and Levels?

    AR Runs are adidas Runners running events* that you’ve participated in and tracked or manually checked into with the Runtastic app.

    Your level represents your commitment. The more AR Runs you join and complete, the more goals you will reach. We won’t spoil any surprises, but we give back to those who put in the work.  

    To see what you’ll be working towards, check out a summary of the levels and the AR Runs required to achieve them below:


    Example: Once you’ve completed your fifth event, you’ll level up to adidas Runners Level.

    *adidas Runners events categorized as “Run” or “Race” qualify as AR Runs

  • Do I have to use the Runtastic app to be part of adidas Runners?

    Although using Runtastic is not a requirement to become part of adidas Runners, tracking your adidas Runners events (AR Runs) with Runtastic offers huge benefits.

    Not only do you have one handy place for all your adidas Runners statistics, upcoming events, and joined communities, tracking with the Runtastic app also enables you to work towards your adidas Runners level.

    The more AR Runs you track with Runtastic (or with devices that synchronize directly with the Runtastic platform*), the higher you can level up and the more rewards you earn!

    *The following devices synchronize directly with Runtastic:

    However, it is not mandatory to use the Runtastic app to track your AR Runs. You can also check in to running events manually. For more information please take a look at the following article.

  • Who are adidas Runners?

    You, if you’re ready to be part of something bigger. adidas Runners is an international movement of runners and urban athletes committed to personal growth, friendship, and the power of sports. We push our limits with new friends and celebrate our victories afterwards. Whether you’re finding your feet within the world of running or have a few marathons under your belt, our communities offer expert support, an extended family, and your chance to step up and be the best version of yourself. And we promise you'll have the greatest time getting there. If you want to chase down a PB, or run farther than you ever thought possible, we’ll help you get there. What’s more, you’ll never be left behind. Our professionals are on deck to support you with every step.

    What you should expect:

    • From intense interval training sessions to specific workouts for your core, you’ll get expert advice from our strength experts and running coaches.
    • Our nutritionists supply the health knowledge you need in an instant. From pre-run fuel to post-run know-how, we understand that only a healthy body can set new records.
    • Personalized training plans and exclusive experiences to help you smash your goals.