• New Training Plans

    You might have noticed a few more plans in your adidas Training app in addition to your 12-Week Training Plan. 

    The main difference between your current training plan and the new training plan is the following:

    The workouts in the training plans 6-Week Shape Up, Toned Abs in 6 Weeks, and Fit and Strong in 3 Weeks include duration based exercises. 

    So like in the Workout Creator, it will say 40 seconds of Push-Ups for example, instead of 40 repetitions of Push-Ups.

    6-Week Shape Up: 

    Whether you want to feel fitter and healthier, or shape up for a special event: this 6-week plan is ideal for you!

    Fit & Strong in 3 Weeks:  

    A short plan if you’re short on time — this will help you shape up quickly and improve your fitness level in just 3 weeks.

    Toned Abs in 6 Weeks (Female): 

    The best exercises if you want to strengthen your midsection and define your core muscles.

    The 12-Week Body Transformation and Push Your Limits training plans will include repetition based workouts.

    6 Weeks to Six Pack (Male)

    The best exercises if you want to strengthen your midsection and define your core muscles.

    The 12-Week Body Transformation and Push Your Limits training plans will include repetition based workouts.

    12-Week Body Transformation: 

    Whether you want to build muscle, lose weight, or just commit to getting fit, this plan will give you the results you want. 

    Push Your Limits: 

     Already pretty fit, but you want to go further? This is the full-body plan to make it happen. 

    Have we piqued your interest? You can start one of the new training plans at any time, you just need to either finish or quit your current training plan. 

    Note: Once you quit a training plan, all your progress will be lost and can’t be restored. However, your activities will be saved in the “Progress” Tab

  • Image Sharing

    Create your own custom image and share it to any of the platforms installed on your device, for example, Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp. 

    The Share screen will pop up immediately after you’ve saved your activity with the adidas Training app. Follow the simple steps below:

    Click on any of the three icons displayed directly under your stats 

    Now let’s create your image:

    Icon 1. Select a previous photo from your gallery or tap the photo icon to take a photo with your camera

    Icon 2. Select one of the default images that we’ve created for you. Look out for new images around your favorite holiday! 

    Tap “Share” in the top right corner

    Select your preferred platform and inspire your family, friends or followers with your adidas Training progress!

  • Synchronize adidas Training App Data to Google Fit

    It is possible to synchronize duration and burned calories data from the adidas Training app to Google Fit.

    Follow these simple steps to activate the synchronization with Google Fit:

    • Tap “More” on your tab bar
    • Enable the toggle next to “Google Fit”
  • Can I reset my Training Plan?

    If you would like to start your 12-week training plan from the beginning again, follow these simple steps:

    • Open the adidas Training app
    • Tap “More” on your tab bar
    • Select ”Quit Training Plan"

    This will reset your training plan back to week 1, workout 1, but remember that you’ll need to answer the three initial questions again.

  • Enable the Voice Coach in the adidas Training App

    Enable the Voice Coach in the adidas Training app to receive spoken feedback throughout your workouts. Follow the simple steps below:

    • Open the adidas Training app
    • Tap “More” on your tab bar
    • Select “Voice Coach”
    • Enable the toggle next to “Enable Voice Coach”
    • On this screen, you can also choose your preferred language and volume.
  • Share a Status Post to the News Feed

    Do you want to let your fitness friends know how your training is going? Or have you simply got something interesting to share with the adidas fitness community? Create a text status post and share it to the News Feed using the simple steps below:

    • Open the adidas Training app
    • Tap “News Feed” on your tab bar
    • Click the pen icon in the lower right corner
    • Type your text update
    • To add a photo to your status post, tap the camera icon to take a photo with your camera or select a photo from your gallery by clicking on the picture icon.
    • Tap “Share” in the top right corner

    If you wish to delete the post once it has been shared to the News Feed, follow the short steps below:

    • Open the adidas Training app
    • Open the News Feed
    • Select your text status post
    • Tap the three dots in the top right corner
    • Click “Delete” then confirm the deletion
  • Notification Inbox

    Your received notifications will be available for you to read at any time in your brand new Notification Inbox.

    The bell icon in the top right corner of your Newsfeed Tab will tell you when you have a new notification waiting for you. Tap the icon to view your Notification Inbox, where you can look through your received notifications and check out what’s going on in your adidas fitness community.

    The following notifications* are currently available in your Notification Inbox:

    • Received and accepted friend requests
    • Comments from friends on your activities
    • Likes from friends on your activities
    • LIVE activities

    *Your Notification Inbox will be continuously expanded, so keep your eye out for additional notifications in the future!

  • Use the adidas Training app with Google Chromecast

    If you’re using Google Chromecast, it is possible to cast the adidas Training app to your TV and experience the app on the big screen.

    To use adidas Training with your Chromecast, follow the simple steps below:

    • Open the adidas Training app on your Android phone
    • Tap the Chromecast icon in the top right corner
    • Select "Cast to" and choose your device
    • Once the adidas Training app appears on your TV screen, set up and start your workout in the mobile app
    • Simply follow along your workout from your TV and use your phone to swipe to the next exercise

    Chromecast support is available for the following features:

    • Training Plan workouts
    • Standalone workouts
    • Single exercises
    • Warm-up and stretching

    If you need help getting started with Chromecast, see support.google.com/chromecast.

    Note: It is only possible to use Chromecast with the adidas Training app on Android devices.

  • adidas Training for Wear OS by Google

    You can now enjoy the freedom of working out phone-free with adidas Training for Wear OS by Google!

    To install the adidas Training app on your smartwatch, just go to the Google Play Store on your watch and search for the adidas Training app.

    Before you get started with your workout, make sure to check the following:

    • that your smartwatch is paired with your phone
    • that the adidas Training app (at least version 2.8.0) is installed on your phone
    • that you are logged into the adidas Training app on your phone

    adidas Training for Wear OS by Google is available for the following features:

    • Training Plan workouts
    • Workout Creator
    • Single exercises
    • Warm-up and stretching*

    No matter which feature you wish to use, you must select and set up your workout (and watch any exercise demonstration videos) in the adidas Training app on your phone first.  

    You can then simply follow along with your workout from your wrist.

    Just like in the mobile app, swipe up on your watch face to skip to the next exercise and swipe down to skip back to an exercise.

    Once you’ve completed your workout, take your phone once more and carry out the final steps on your phone before tapping “Save” to save the workout in your history.

     *It is not possible to skip the warm-up on the watch once you’ve pressed start.

  • Pause/Resume Workouts

    If you’re unexpectedly interrupted in the middle of a workout, don’t worry! Just hit the back button on your Android phone to pause the workout.


    When you’re ready to start up again, tap “Resume”. You also have the option to exit the workout at this point by tapping “Quit” but bear in mind that your progress won’t be saved.

    Your total pause time will be displayed in your workout summary as a “Manual Pause” both in the app and in your account on Runtastic.com.

    You can pause at any time during Training Plan workouts, Workout Creator workouts and Standalone workouts/exercises. It is not possible to pause during the Fitness Test.  

    Note: The maximum pause duration is sixty minutes, after which time it will no longer be possible to restore the workout.

  • Workout Creator

    You want to train your abs and core but don’t have much time? No problem – the Workout Creator allows you to design a workout adjusted to your current needs.

    Just tap “Workouts” on your tab bar and select “Workout Creator”. You can either choose full body or select one or more of the following: upper body, arms, butt, abs and core, or legs. Choose a duration between 7 and 45 minutes and press continue. A workout will be created for you with a number of different exercises and suitable rest periods. Have a look at the exercise videos and then get started with your workout!

  • Progress Pics

    You can keep track of your transformation by taking Progress Pics directly in the adidas Training app. Follow these simple steps below to start tracking your progress:

    • Open the adidas Training app
    • Tap “Progress” on your tab bar
    • Select “See More” next to “Progress Pics”
    • Tap “Take First Pic” and you are ready to go

    It is important to line up your eyes and knees with the lines provided. You can move the picture afterwards to fit the lines or choose a different photo from your phone.

    How is my progress displayed?

    On the left, you will always see the original picture, and on the right, the current photo. You can also switch the current picture for another one by tapping “Take a New Pic” at the top. Tap the picture you would like to use from your photo gallery and then “Set” at the top. If you don’t see the “Set” button, the latest photo is set already.

    How can I share my progress?

    Progress pics are only visible to you. However, if you would like to share your transformation with your family and friends, tap “See More” next to “Progress Pics”. Tap the Share Icon in the top right corner, then choose your preferred platform.

    How do I back up my progress pics?

    To save a copy of your progress pics to your device, follow these simple steps:

    • Tap “More” on your tab bar
    • Enable “Save Progress Pics to device’s gallery”
    • Allow the app permission to access the storage of your device

    Your progress pics will then be safely stored in your device. This will also ensure that you do not lose your progress pics if you reinstall the app for any reason.

  • Cardio Goal

    Set a Cardio Goal for yourself in the “Plan” tab of your adidas Training app. All the activities (running, walking, biking, hiking, etc.) you track with your adidas Running app are synced automatically.

    The Cardio Goal can be set at the end of every week together with the number of training sessions for the following week. Just set the number of minutes you want to spend on cardio training in addition to your adidas Training workouts.

  • How do I count repetitions when doing the exercises?

    When you are doing mountain climbers, walking lunges or punches, each movement counts as one repetition. For instance, mountain climber right 1, mountain climber left 2, mountain climber right 3, and so on…

    Please note the difference from an exercise like Up-Downs. Here you can count one repetition like this:

    • Start in High-Plank position
    • Lower your left arm down to a Low-Plank position
    • Lower your right arm down to a Low-Plank position
    • Bring your left arm back up to a High-Plank position
    • Bring your right arm back up to a High-Plank position
  • Is my existing Premium Membership valid for all the features in the adidas Training app?

    Yes, if you are a Premium Member and are already enjoying all the benefits of the adidas Runtastic app portfolio, then all the standalone workouts in the Workout Collection, all the training plans, the Workout Creator and the Nutrition and Health tips within the adidas Training app are available for you as well. There is no need to buy another Premium membership.

  • What is the Training Plan and how does it work?

    Your personalized Training Plan will be created for you after you provided responses to three initial questions. The first part is about your current activity and fitness level. Then you let us know how often you exercise and how fit you evaluate yourself to be, followed by your current weight and height.

    Now you are ready to get started on your first workout in Week 1!  

    You are able to give feedback on your experience every week (and let us know, for example, if the workout was way too difficult or too easy) and your plan for the following week will be adjusted based on your performance and feedback.

    After every week, you are able to choose whether you would like to do two, three, four or five workouts the following week. If you choose to do five workouts, it is important to complete all of them. Therefore, always make sure that you have enough time for the workouts you commit to for the following week, as you cannot change the number during the week.

    Your Training Plan can start on any day you choose. This way you can easily fit your plan into your daily schedule. You are only able to do one workout per day in order to give your muscles some time to recover.

  • How do I get my Training Plan?

    You can access all the Training Plans as soon as you are a Premium Member. If you already have a Premium Membership, just log in to the adidas Training app with the same account and you can start right away.

    Not yet a Premium Member?

    No problem. You can purchase your Premium Membership within the app or on runtastic.com. Just be sure to log in with the same account that you’re using with your adidas Training app.

  • How do I skip the warm-up?

    We highly recommend that you do not skip the warm-up. This is a crucial part of your training and helps ensure that your muscles are ready to train and you do not get injured. If you want to skip it because you already did a different warm-up, you can simply disable the warm-up before you start your workout.

    To deactivate the warm-up permanently, tap “More” on your tab bar  and toggle off “Warm-up.”

  • What are Standalone Workouts?

    Standalone Workouts are workouts you can do in addition to your Training Plan or your regular fitness routine.

    Just tap “Workouts” on your tab bar and select “Standalone Workouts”. The workouts are listed in order of intensity and get harder the farther down the NATO alphabet you go. As you progress, you’ll soon be able to reach “X-ray.” You can do the same Standalone Workout multiple times to track improvements.

    Before starting your Standalone Workout, make sure to watch the exercise videos so you are adequately prepared. The videos must be downloaded first. You can tap each video to start the download or tap the icon in the top right corner to download all the videos at once. As soon as the video is downloaded, just tap it to watch it as many times as you would like.

    While all standalone workouts can be done indoors, you’ll find two special outdoor workouts in your Results app, both of which you can do without any equipment in less than 30 minutes. Just look for the workouts marked with the adidas logo.

  • How can I view and download the exercise videos?

    To view the exercise videos before your workout, select “Workouts” and then “How-To Videos.” In this section, you are able to watch HD videos of more than 180 exercises. The videos need to be downloaded first. To do so, tap on the video and then the download icon; the download will start immediately. Once downloaded, tap on the exercise to start the video.

    The videos are categorized by muscle group and difficulty level: Basic, Intermediate and Tough.

    Note: To save data volume, make sure to use a wireless network when you are downloading the videos.

    What does the little house icon mean?

    The house icon lets you know that the exercise/workout is neighbor friendly (no jumping or loud exercises) and can be done indoors without disturbing anyone.

  • Do I need an internet connection for the workouts?

    No, you do not need to be connected to the internet during your workouts with the adidas Training app, as the app is using information stored on your phone. 

    An internet connection is important when you are downloading training videos. We recommend using a wireless network to save data volume. 

    After your training the workouts are synchronized with your adidas account. An internet connection is necessary to synchronize your data.

  • Where can I view my history?

    To view your training history, follow the steps below:

    • Open the adidas Training app
    • Tap “Progress” on your tab bar
    • Your most recent workouts will be displayed at the top of the screen. Select “See More” to view every training session completed with the adidas Training app
  • I am not a Premium Member yet. Can I still use the adidas Training app?

    If you are not a Premium Member yet, you are still able to use the adidas Training app.

    You’ll have access to the free features like the Workout Creator, exercises in the Workout Collection, the instructional exercise videos and some of the different plans we offer.

    We encourage you to become a Premium Member and enjoy all the benefits, such as our 12-week total-body transformation plan, that the adidas Training app (and the entire adidas Runtastic app portfolio) has to offer!

  • I am already a Premium Member, but cannot access the Training Plan for free, why?

    It is important to complete a short questionnaire before you are able to access the different Training Plans. Only after answering the 3 initial questions are you able to start your individual Training Plans, such as the 12-Week Body Transformation Plan for example.

    Please note that you may have created a new account by accident, although you are already a Premium Member with another account. Make sure that you are logged into the adidas Training app with the correct account. If you are already logged in with the wrong account, just go to “More”, scroll to the bottom, and tap “Logout”.