• We've Closed Our Online Shop

    In order to focus all our time, energy and creativity on providing you with an exceptional app experience, we have chosen to cease the production and sales of our hardware and focus on our mobile apps instead. We would never abandon our loyal users who happily still use our devices, so if you have an Orbit, Moment or any other hardware device, it will still be possible for you to use those with our apps.

    This change does not affect the 2-year guarantee period (from the purchase date) for your Runtastic hardware products.

    If you need technical support for your hardware product, please contact us at service@runtastic.com

    For those who prefer to use their Runtastic apps with other tracking devices, we've teamed up with industry leaders to provide you with outstanding tracking solutions for devices like Apple Watch,  Android Wear or Garmin. Thanks for your understanding.

  • PDF Documents


    PDF - Declaration of conformity

    (Konformitätserklärung , Déclaration de conformité, Declaración de conformidad, Dichiarazione di conformità)


    PDF - Quick Instruction

  • Which data is displayed on my Moment?

    You can display the current percentage of either your Daily Steps, Distance or Calories Burned on your Moment’s progress indicator.

    At midnight a new day with Runtastic Moment starts and the progress indicator is reset.

    When in Sleep Mode, the hand of the progress indicator will move to the little moon symbol.


    Next to the progress indicator you are of course able to see the current time. After connecting with the Steps app, the time adjusts automatically to your local time. That means, that you no longer have to adjust the time manually when you are traveling a longer distance.

  • Which smartphones are compatible with Runtastic Moment?
    • Apple iPhone 4s or more recent versions
    • Apple iPad 3rd generation or more recent versions
    • Apple iPad mini TM 1st generation or more recent versions
    • Apple iPad Air TM and more recent versions
    • Smartphones & tablets running Android TM 4.3 and more recent versions
    • Windows Phones running version 8.1 or more recent versions
  • What should I do if I can’t establish a connection with my smartphone?

    Before using the Moment the first time it should be set to 10 minutes past 10. If this is not the case, press the button for 10 seconds. Wait until the hands are set to 10 minutes past 10. Then press the button for 3 seconds - the hands turn again until they stop at 12. Now the watch is in pairing mode and ready to be connected.

    If this doesn't work please try the following:

    • Turn your smartphone or tablet off, then on again.
    • Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone.
    • Turn your smartphone’s Bluetooth off, then on again.
    • Activate Bluetooth before opening the Steps app.
    • Re-install the Steps app on your smartphone. In this case, all data saved will be lost.
  • My Moment doesn’t react to data introduced via my smartphone or tablet.

    Make sure your smartphone or tablet is Bluetooth Smart ready. Turn your Bluetooth off, then on again, then try to connect your Moment.

  • The functionality of goals

    Where can I see how far I am from reaching my goal?

    The progress indicator on your Moment shows the percentage covered of your daily goal.

    How do I know I've reached my goal?

    The watch informs you with a gentle vibration while a LED lights up, when you reach 50% and 100% of your goal.

  • Can I use my Moment without a smartphone?

    Your Runtastic Moment has a 7-day memory which means you don't have to connect it to your smartphone every day. But you do need your smartphone to set up your Moment with the Steps app.

    In the Steps app you can set your alarms, goals and your daily activity is displayed.

  • Is it possible to connect several Wearables to my Steps app?

    Yes, you can register several Moments with just one account. In this case, you always have to select the watch you're currently wearing in the app, then connect it.

    Can I use a Moment and an Orbit?

    You can, of course, use both - but not at the same time. As you can only connect one device at a time with your Steps app, you have to choose one and then connect it every time you switch from Moment to Orbit or vice versa.

  • Activate/deactivate Sleep Mode

    Press the button for 2 seconds to activate Sleep Mode. By pressing it for another 2 seconds, you can change back to the normal tracking mode.

    When in Sleep Mode, the hand of the progress indicator is on the little moon symbol..

  • Use the alarm function

    You can set alarms in the Steps app. The alarm time is only displayed in the app, you cannot see it on the watch.

    When the alarm is going off, your watch will notify you with a gentle vibration and a blinking LED light. To stop the alarm press the button shortly.

  • Why does it count calories while sleeping / inactive?

    Because you burn calories even while sleeping. In this case, based on the body metrics you entered in the Steps app, the calories you burn while sleeping are calculated.

  • Why does it count too many steps?

    Your steps are measured with 3D sensor built into the watch and calculated based on the movements you make. These calculations might not always correspond exactly to the number of steps you've actually taken.

    Why does it track steps when I am driving?

    The steps are measured with a 3D sensor built into your watch, then calculated based on your movements. Therefore, possible vibrations caused by the driving car can sometimes be counted as steps.

  • Can I reset my Moment?

    Press the button for 10 seconds to reset your Moment. To start using it again, press the button for 3 seconds, then connect the Moment with your smartphone.

  • Further product info

    Heart Rate / Bluetooth: The Runtastic Moment can't measure your heart rate and uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. Therefore make sure your smartphone is Bluetooth Smart ready.

    Waterproof: The Moment is waterproof up to 100m / 300ft.

    Warranty: If you change the battery in accordance with the Quick Instructions, the warranty will stay intact.