• Delete a tracked sleep session

    In the iOS app you can delete a tracked sleep session by going into the Sleep Diary list and swiping a session to the left.

  • Does the Sleep Better App drain my battery?

    No, the battery shouldn't lose more than 20 to 30 percent. Tip: if you enable the airplane mode overnight it is healthier for you and needs less battery power.

  • How does the app track my sleep?

    The app uses the sensors built into your phone. These sensors monitor how much you move during the night. The data collected is then used to determine your sleep cycles – light sleep, deep sleep or awake. You can also make notes, for instance, about your daytime activities, and then find out how coffee, sport and exercise influence your sleep

  • How does the Sleep Better App Handle Time Zone Changes or Daylight Saving Time?

    The Sleep Better app always stores the start and end time of your sleep in UTC. The duration will not be longer or shorter during a change in time or date.

  • Icon Explanations

    Here you can find explanations of the icons that feature in your Sleep Diary. This will help you to analyse your sleep sessions in detail.

    1. The number of minutes next to the "Zzz icon" indicates how long it took for you to fall asleep
    2. The "Sunrise icon" shows you when the sun came up that day
    3. You can choose how you felt during/after your sleep with the "Smiling Face icon"
    4. If you dreamt during this sleep session, the "Ghost-Icon" allows you to indicate whether your dream was good, bad or somewhere in between!
    5. The Cloud icon indicates when you woke up that day


  • Is the Sleep Better App also available for Windows Phone?

    The Sleep Better app is only available for iOS and Android.

  • Position of my phone for best tracking of sleep movements

    The best position is to the left or right, bottom edge, of your pillow. You should not place your phone at the edge of your mattress.

  • Track a sleep without an alarm

    You can track your sleep movements without setting an alarm sound.

  • Update From Lite to the Full Version of the Sleep Better App

    It's the same way as in the Six Pack app, Leg Trainer app, etc. via in-app purchase. You can purchase the Full Version when trying to access locked features or by going into the app settings.

    If you already are a Premium Member, all the features of the Sleep Better app are available for you.

  • What extra features does the Full Version offer?
    • Advanced alarm settings
    • Additional alarm sounds
    • Dream Notes
    • Advanced statistics
    • Moon phases analyses 
    • No ads 
  • What is sleep efficiency? How will it be calculated?

    The sleep efficiency will be calculated as a percentage number with the following formula: (light sleep duration + deep sleep duration) / session duration * 100

  • Which data will be synced from the Steps app?

    If you record your sleep with your Orbit or Moment, the data will be synced to the Sleep Better app as well after you synced your wearable with the Steps app.

    The recordings are synced to your diary in the Sleep Better app. Additionally you can see your steps, distance and active minutes.

  • Why aren’t short sessions displayed in the sleep diary list?

    Sleep sessions under 5 minutes won't be stored in the database of the Sleep Better app.