• Sync Reminder

    If you did not connect or use your Orbit for more than 72 hours, the following symbol might pop up:

    In this case, just make sure to connect your Orbit to your phone in order for it to sync the data and install possible firmware updates.

  • What data can I see on my Orbit?

    When tapping the Orbit button once, you will see the current time as well as the progress bar at the bottom. That bar tells you how far you have come towards your step goal.

    Tapping it again will bring you to the amount of Steps for the day.

    Next, you can see Calories Burned.

    And at last you can see your Active Minutes for the day.

  • Can I use the Orbit with Runtastic?

    You can use the Orbit as a second screen during your Runtastic sessions. During a run, the Orbit can display duration, distance, current pace, average pace, calories burned, heart rate as well as your average speed.



    Pace (current):

    Pace (average):

    Calories burned:

    Heart rate:

    Average Speed:

  • Can I use the Orbit without the Steps App?

    If you would like to use the Orbit without the Steps app or smartphone, you should press the reset button (at 12:00 pm), which you can find on the back of the device.

    You will not be able to enter personal details like your weight, for instance. The device will use average data in order to calculate Calories Burned.

    Usage without app synchronization 

    The Orbit can save data for about a week. If you do not use a smartphone to synchronize the data then the Orbit will start deleting old data.

  • Where can I see my progress towards a set goal?

    A bar at the bottom of the screen shows you the progress towards your set goal.

    When reaching 50% of your steps, the Orbit will vibrate.

    When reaching 100% the Orbit will also vibrate to let you know.

    If the bar has gaps, like in the picture below, you have already reached your goal.

  • Use the alarm option

    You can set an alarm from within the Steps app. If an alarm is active, you will see the alarm icon in the top right corner on your Orbit.

    The alarm will make the Orbit vibrate ten times in a row in order to wake you up. If you do not press the Orbit button while this is happening, the alarm will begin vibrating again 5 minutes later. This cycle happens up to 5 times if the button isn't pressed. In order to switch off the alarm, simply press the Orbit button twice.

  • Activate/deactivate Sleep Mode

    When going to sleep, simply press the Orbit button for 3 seconds until the following symbol appears:

    From that moment you can see the sleep time next to the regular clock.

    When waking up, simply press the button again for 3 seconds until the sun appears to stop tracking your sleep. This puts the Orbit back in day mode and will begin tracking your steps and other values again.

  • What is Happy Tracking?

    Happy tracking means that you can tell your Orbit whenever you feel good. When tapping the Orbit button twice, a smiley will appear on the screen, indicating you've recorded yourself as being in a good mood. You can later see a smiley marking the exact time you tracked your mood when reviewing your steps within the Steps app.

    Happy Tracking is currently only available on Android.

  • Compatibility

    In order to connect your Orbit to the Steps app you will need a compatible smartphone.

    It works with iPhone 4s or newer and Bluetooth Smart Ready Android devices running Android 4.3 or higher.

  • Runtastic Orbit Videos

    Below is a playlist containing 'How To' videos for the Orbit, videos included in the playlist are:

    • Unboxing 
    • Charging & Versatile Use 
    • iOS Me App Login & Setting Goals  
    • Android Me App Login & Setting Goals  
    • View Modes, Happy Tracking & Sleep Mode 

    Click 'Playlist' in the top left corner to select individual videos.

  • PDF Documents

    Declarations of Conformity

    United States of America 

    PDF - Declaration of Conformity


    PDF -  Declaration of Conformity

    (Déclaration de conformité, Declaración de conformidad, Dichiarazione di conformità)


    PDF - Declaration of Conformity



    PDF - Quick Instructions / Setup Anleitung


    PDF - Manual


    PDF - Bedienungsanleitung


    PDF - Manued'utilisationl


    PDF - Manual


    PDF - Manuale


    PDF - Manual do usuário


    PDF - Gebruiksaanwijzing


    PDF - Bruksanvisning


    PDF - Käyttöohje


    PDF - инструкции


    PDF - Brugsanvisning


    PDF - Bruksanvisning