• Connection problems with your Orbit?

    There might be several reasons why your Orbit is not connecting to your phone anymore. Please follow one or more of the steps below in order to successfully connect to your Orbit:


    • Turn your phone to flight mode to deactivate all possible connections
    • Close the app
    • Restart your phone  


    • Go to “Wearables” in the Me App
    • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and remove your Orbit (Note: all your data saved on the Orbit will be deleted)


    Reset your Orbit (Note: all your data saved on the Orbit will be deleted)


    • Delete the Me app
    • Restart your smartphone
    • Reinstall the Me app
    • Connect your Orbit
  • The Leaderboard in the Me App

    Are you wondering how many steps your friends accomplish each week? The Leaderboard in the Me App is just the right tool to answer that question!

    To access the Leaderboard make sure you are using the newest version of the app. Open the drawer menu and select "Leaderboard".  

    You can choose whether you would like to compare your Steps or the Active Minutes by tapping on the current value. Furthermore you can choose between "this month", "last month", "this week" or "last week".

    Haven’t reached the top spot yet? Just keep moving and you will be there soon :)

    You can also find the leaderboard online at Runtastic.com - just click “Leaderboard” in the menu on the left.

  • What is a Streak in the Me App?

    Have you reached your Step Goal several days in a row? Congratulations, you are having a streak!

    If you are currently on a streak and reach your daily goal again, you will be informed about it, including the information about the starting date of your streak and the number of days reached.

    How is it displayed?

    The number of days of the streak is displayed underneath your profile picture. Additionally, you can tap the number (or the streak icon) underneath your profile picture to gain more information on your streak or previous streaks. If you have never started a streak, the pop-up gives you information on how to start a streak.

    You can also share your streak on the platform of your choice. Tap the current count or the streak icon and then use the sharing icon in the top right corner to share the streak with your friends.

  • How are Calories Burned calculated?

    The Calories Burned are calculated on the basis of your personal information such as height, weight, gender and age. The counted steps are analyzed every minute, meaning that 100 steps per minute are not the same as 10 x 10 steps in a minute. All activities tracked with your other Runtastic apps are also integrated into Runtastic Me, although we always rely on the more accurate calculation. All calorie values taken from your other apps are marked with a blue sport icon.

  • How are Active Minutes counted?

    You collect Active Minutes by the following two methods:

    • All minutes in which you are moving (steps are being detected) while travelling at a certain speed.
    • When using other Runtastic apps, all Active Minutes from a session will be imported here as well. These Active Minutes are marked by a blue sport symbol at the bottom.


  • Set goals; what values can be set as goals?

    In order to set a goal open the home screen as shown below and choose one of the values you would like to set a goal for.

    For steps per day, we set a healthy standard goal of 8000 steps per day. You can change the goal by pressing the little pen-symbol.


    There is no value set for the Active Minutes per day or any other value but you can adjust your goals at any time.   



  • Connect my Wearable and use my Wearable with the Runtastic app

    In order to use your Wearable with your Runtastic app, you need to login to the Me app with the same credentials as the Runtastic app (Use the same account).

    This way activities are already being synced to your Me App. Your Wearable will also show you your current values during an activity.


    In order to choose what information is being displayed on your Orbit, open the settings within your Runtastic app. You will find the option "Runtastic Orbit“.  

    Here you can choose what to display on your Orbit:



    If you connect your Moment to the Runtastic app, the clock hands will stop at 12 o'clock. Start your workout and the hour hand will show the kilometers / miles covered. The minute hand measures the meters - one full cycle corresponds to 1000m. The progress hand will still show the progress towards your daily goal.

    After an activity like walking or running, your Me app will display the values from the Runtastic app which will also be included in your daily statistics.



  • Settings

    In order to change settings such as the unit type, simply open the drawer menu by swiping the screen from the left to the right, or by touching the symbol in the top left corner.

    Now choose the option "Settings".

    Besides changing the unit type, you can also invite friends to use the app or view fitness videos. You can read more info about the app and Runtastic, contact support or view other apps from Runtastic.

  • Connect the Wearable with the Me app

    In order to connect your Orbit to the Me app, open the drawer menu by swiping from left to right, or by tapping the menu icon in the top left corner. Now choose the option "Wearables".

    Tap the button "Connect now".

    Please make sure, that Bluetooth is activated on your phone. If so, the wearable should be found within a few seconds.

  • When do I have to calibrate my Moment?

    The hands of your Moment need calibration whenever the time is not displayed correctly. Therefore, make sure your Moment is connected to your smartphone.

    Then select “Wearables” followed by “Moment.” Select “Calibrate watch hands” to set the watch hands to the right time.


  • Log out, change my height or weight

    In order to log out of the app, change your weight or your height, tap the photo within the app home screen.

    In order to logout, just use the "Log out" option in the upper right corner. In order to change personal details like your height, weight or DOB, simply tap the current value.

  • Synchronize my Wearable with the Me app

    In order to synchronize your wearable with Runtastic Me, navigate to the app’s home screen.

    Now tap and hold in the middle of the screen and start swiping down until the circle turns blue with the text "Syncing Data" showing up in the middle.


    If successful you will see the text "Sync Successful" in the middle of the circle.

  • Explanation of the tabs (Steps, Active Minutes, Calories, Distance, Sleep)

    On the home screen, under your profile photo, you can see 5 values which your wearable registers.

    When tapping one of the values, you can see detailed information about this value. You can see when those values have been registered by a timeline at the bottom. The first value is the Steps. By tapping the target value, you can change your daily goal for this value.


    In the second tab, you can see the Active Minutes. Furthermore you can see Calories Burned, Distance and Sleep (duration and quality).


    By swiping to the left or right, you can look at other days.

  • Disconnect the Wearable from my account

    In order to disconnect your wearable, you need to access the drawer menu by swiping from the left to the right within the main-screen of the app or by tapping on the menu button in the top left corner.  

    Now choose the menu item "Wearables".

    Scroll to the bottom, until you see the hardware ID of your wearable device. By tapping on "Remove this Wearable", you can disconnect the device.

  • Enable Idle Notifications?

    In order to receive a notification as soon as the wearable realizes that you have not been moving for a while (60 minutes), you have to switch on the Idle Notifications. First access the drawer menu by swiping from the left to the right within the main-screen or by tapping the menu button in the top left corner.

    Now choose the option “Wearables". Select "Idle Notifications" to toggle notifications on or off.

    Now scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will find the idle notification settings. You can also set a time frame in which the notifications will be triggered.

  • How do I notice that the battery of my Moment is running low?

    If your Moment battery is about to die, the watch hands will stop at 12:00 o'clock and the progress hand will also move to the little moon symbol without having activated sleep mode. You'll then know it's time to exchange the battery. If you change the battery yourself, precisely follow the directions given in the Quick Instructions.

    It’s not necessary to exchange the battery before your Moment indicates it is time to do so. However, if you do decide to insert a new battery before the old one is completely empty, you’ll then need to calibrate the hands of your Moment again in order to use it. See “When do I have to calibrate my Moment?” for detailed instructions.


  • Where can I see the battery status of my Orbit?

    In order to see the battery status of your Orbit, open the drawer menu by swiping from left to right within the home screen of the app, or by tapping on the menu button in the top left corner.

    Now choose the option "Wearables".

    The battery status is indicated by a graphic. If it shows 25% of charge left or below, you may want to recharge the device soon.

  • Set up the alarm

    First open the drawer menu by swiping from left to right within the home screen or by tapping the menu button in the top left corner.

    Now choose the option "Wearables".

    In the section "alarms", you can set up to three alarms.

    You can switch the alarm on and off and choose on what weekdays the alarm should be active.