• adidas Training app + Wear OS by Google Fadeout

    We want to provide you with an awesome app experience, no matter which of our apps you use. That’s why we are focusing our energy on the apps and platforms where we see the greatest potential.

    We wanted to let you know that we’ve decided to stop supporting Wear OS by Google for the adidas Training app. This means that there won’t be any more app updates for the adidas Training app in the Google Play Store for Wear OS. 

    However, if you’ve already installed the adidas Training app on your Wear OS device, you can keep using it — just be aware that the app will no longer be updated.

  • adidas Running and Wear OS by Google

    To install the adidas Running app on your smartwatch, just go to the Google Play Store on your watch and search for the adidas Running app. You can find it in the “Health & Fitness” category. (If the app is already installed on your device, please make sure it is updated to the latest version.)  

    Before you get started with your activity, please check the following:

    • that your smartwatch is paired with your phone
    • that the adidas Running app is installed on your phone
    • that you are logged into the adidas Running app on your phone

    You have two possibilities to either use your Wear OS smartwatch as a standalone option or as a second screen (smartwatch + phone).

    The Standalone Wear OS for the adidas Running App is possible only for smartwatches with integrated GPS.

    Note: Training Plans, Interval Training, and Voice Coach can only be used with the second screen option.

    In order to use your smartwatch as a second screen option, you need to start an activity directly in the adidas Running app on the phone. The activity can be finished either on the smartwatch or phone.

    Activities tracked with Wear OS will be uploaded to your adidas account as soon as your smartwatch is connected to wifi.   

    During the activity you will see the duration, distance and your heart rate on the watch. Press and hold the values to personalize them.


    Pause or Stop an Activity

    Tap the Pause button at the bottom of the screen to pause your activity. To stop the activity, swipe up the screen and tap the Stop button.

    Your activity will end and you will see the route ran, duration, distance, calories burned and much more.

    Tracking your heart rate with Wear OS by Google

    You can track your heart rate via the built-in sensor in your smartwatch OR via an external heart rate belt. You have a heart rate app installed on your smartwatch – there you’ll have the possibility to choose between an external BTLE heart rate belt or the integrated monitor for heart rate tracking.  

    In order to track your heart rate, you’ll need to start the activity directly on the watch.