• Garmin Connect

    You can now connect your Runtastic account to your Garmin account. This means you are able to import activities that you track with your Garmin device into your Runtastic account.


    To connect your Garmin Connect account to your Runtastic account, please follow the steps below:

    • Go to Runtastic.com and log in with your account
    • Click on “Edit Profile”
    • Select “Social Connect”
    • Select the “Connect” button next to “Garmin Connect”
    • Click on “Authorize” to enable Garmin to share data with Runtastic
    • Enter your Garmin log-in details

    Once your account is connected, any sports activities that you undertake with your Garmin device, once synced to your Garmin Connect account, will also be imported to your Runtastic account.* A push notification will inform you when your activity is available.

    *Garmin activities tracked prior to linking your Runtastic account to Garmin Connect will not be imported.

    Garmin-Supported Devices

    This feature supports all GPS-enabled Garmin devices.

    What data gets imported to Runtastic?

    The following data will be imported into Runtastic: Distance, Duration, Pace, Split Times, Elevation*, Calories and Heart Rate. As Garmin Connect is designed differently, certain data such as Heart Rate Zones, Power, Cadence, Steps, Active Minutes and Sleep will not be synced.

    Note: a “multisport session” is synced to Runtastic as separate activities. For example, if you track a Triathlon activity, it will be imported to Runtastic as three separate sessions (Swimming, Cycling, Running).

    * Once imported into Runtastic, you may notice a difference in the Elevation values. It is, however, possible to edit these values using the instructions linked here.


    To disconnect your Runtastic account from your Garmin Connect account, please follow the steps below:

    • Go to Runtastic.com and log in with your account
    • Click on “Edit Profile”
    • Select “Social Connect”
    • Select “Disconnect”

    Although it will still show as “Connected to Runtastic” in Garmin Connect, the connection will no longer be active. If you would like to change this display in your Garmin Connect account, log in with your account details on connect.garmin.com and click Profile > Settings > Account Information.

  • Copy a Friend’s Activity

    You are running with a friend and you don’t want to take a smartphone with you? No problem - follow these steps to copy a friend’s activity:

    • Log in on Runtastic.com
    • Open your friend’s page and click the activity you completed together
    • Click the “Copy Activity” button on the right below the split-table
    • The activity details are copied to your history and your Runtastic friend receives an email notice

    Pictures or the recorded heart rate will not be copied to your account.

    Note: Only activities tracked by GPS can be copied.

  • Change Map and Trace Settings

    Within the map of your activity, you can display cheering, a photo or distance markers. Use the small gear icon at the left to adjust which markers are shown.

    The trace can be displayed in different colors to make it easier to recognize the faster and slower parts of the route. Select speed, pace, elevation or grade underneath the map*.

    *This function is only available to Premium Members.  

  • Edit an Activity

    Follow these simple steps to edit the details of an activity on Runtastic.com:

    • Select "Activities" from the menu on the left
    • Click the activity you would like to edit
    • Click the blue pencil next to the activity type (e.g. Cycling)
    • Change details like the date, duration, route, feelings, starting time, calories and many more. (If you need help changing the activity type, follow the extra steps below*)
    • Click “Save” to save your changes

    *Change the Activity Type

    • Select the three dots next to “Activity Type”
    • Either choose one of your recently used activity types or, alternatively, type your sport into the search field
    • Click the correct activity type when it appears on the screen


  • Sports Sessions - Overview

    You can view all your completed activities on Runtastic.com. To do so, just click “Activities” in the menu at the left.

    In the list on the left, you can filter the displayed activities by date, sports type, distance etc. To combine more than one filter, for example, to show all running activities completed in 2015, select “Use combined filtering” at the top of the list*.  

    The results of the filtering will be displayed in a table at the right. In the table, you can open an activity, edit the map of the activity or delete an activity using the X on the right.

    Note: A deleted activity cannot be restored!

    Additionally, you can print your results using the small printer icon at the top right.

    *This feature is only available to Premium Members.  

  • Download Activities

    Follow these simple steps to download an activity from Runtastic.com:

    • Select "Activities" from the menu on the leftGPX
    • Click the activity you would like to download
    • Click "Options" at the top
    • Select one of the three types of files (GPX, TCX or KML)
    • The download will start automatically after you choose the file

    Note: An activity can only be downloaded when a map is recorded with it.

  • Viewing and Deleting Pictures

    If you take a picture during your activity, you can view it not only on your phone, but on Runtastic.com as well.

    To do so, click "Photos" in the menu at the left and select the "Sports sessions pictures" album.

    Delete a picture: Select the photo you would like to delete and click it. Underneath the picture you will find "Delete this photo". Use this link to delete the shown picture.

  • Import Activities

    To import an activity, click the button next to “Add Workout” in the menu on the left.

    Import .gpx and .tcx Files

    Select the file you want to import, and the corresponding activity will appear in the list below.

    As soon as you have selected a sport type, the activity will be uploaded automatically. If the import has been successful, there will be a green tick in the “Status” column and you will be able to view the activity in your account.

    Note: The file must not be bigger than 7 MB. 

    Garmin Import

    You now have the option to import activities tracked with Garmin watches directly into your Runtastic.com account.

    Please see here to find further information. 

  • Refine Elevation

    Due to GPS errors it is possible that the elevation might not be 100% correct. If your elevation recording isn’t accurate, you should sync the session to Runtastic.com. Open the relevant activity, click "Options", which is located above the activity map, and then select "Refine elevation".

  • Manually Add a Session to a Training Plan

    Once you have started using a training plan and you miss one session, follow the steps below to retroactively add an activity. This way you also have the flexibility to leave out sessions and add them later on:

    • Go to Runtastic.com and log in using your email address and password
    • Click "Training Plans" in the menu at the left
    • Locate the correct training plan and click on the session that you missed (find the right date in the calendar)
    • Click on the missed session and select an existing activity from the drop-down menu at the bottom