• What's the best time to measure the resting heart rate?

    Measure your resting HR in the morning two minutes after waking up. If you are doing endurance sports, your resting heart rate will decrease over time. 

  • What will I see on the history page?

    On the history page you will see your past measurements. Use the filter to analyze the history of your measurement types. 

    Set a filter by tapping "Filter" at the top right corner and choosing one of the shown filters: "General", "Resting HR", "Before Sport", "After Sport" or "Max HR". 

  • How to measure my heart rate

    Lightly place your index finger on the camera lens and flash on the back of your phone. Make sure the lens and flash are fully covered. Hold until the measurement is complete. 

  • Heart Rate App Crash

    Generally, if you delete the app and reinstall, most crashing issues are resolved. You will not be charged again if you use the same iTunes Account to download Runtastic and all of your data will be synced, so you wont lose any data.

    Note: Please upload all sessions to Runtastic.com from the History tab of the Runtastic App beforehand

    Our developers would really appreciate your log files so they can fix certain bugs as soon as possible.

    1. Open you iPhone's general settings (on the iOS settings app).

    2. Navigate to General > About > Diagnostics & Usage

    3. Select Diagnostic and Usage Data

    4. Search for any log that says heartrate or heartratePRO

    5. Select all content in the log and copy it.

    6. Paste the content into a ticket request and choose “Log Files”