• Add a Manual Activity

    To add a workout manually in the adidas Running app follow these simple steps:

    • Tap the “Progress” tab
    • Tap “Add an activity manually” directly below “Recent Activities” 
    • Choose your activity type, then set a duration, distance and start time (the burnt calories are calculated automatically)
    • Save your workout by tapping "Next" followed by "Done" in the top right corner
  • Adding/Searching for friends

    Would you like to add a friend but you are out and about? No problem. Just do it with your adidas Running app.

    There are two ways to reach the “Friends” screen. The first option is to tap “Newsfeed” on the tab bar, followed by the icon in the top right corner. The second option is to tap “Profile” on the tab bar and tap “Friends”.

    As soon as you are in the “Friends” screen, you are able to accept or decline friend requests, search for friends or see your current friends.

    Search for friends:

    You can either connect the app to Facebook or your contact list, or tap the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner to search for contacts. As soon as you are connected, possible contacts will be suggested in “People you may know.”

  • adidas Running and iOS 10

    It’s time to say goodbye, we’re dropping iOS 10!

    Technology advances rapidly, with new devices coming out every year. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the pace and still provide a great app experience. 

    So, in order to provide you with the best user experience, we have decided to discontinue our support for iOS 10.

    As a result, we will no longer be able to fix any issues that are reported on iOS devices running iOS 10 or lower.

    What does that mean for you? 

    • In order to guarantee a smooth app experience, simply update to the newest available iOS version.
    • If your device can’t run a higher iOS version, you should still be able to use the app. However, we won’t be able to fix any reported bugs or issues within the adidas Running app on iOS 10 devices.

    Note: Once you remove the adidas Running app from your phone, you will not be able to download it on your iOS 10 device again.

  • Apple Health Workout Data

    You can sync all data tracked with the adidas Running app to Apple Health.

    Your Calories Burned and the Distance covered while walking, running or biking will be displayed in the "Activity" section.

    In the "Workout" section, you can still easily synchronize old data with other apps.

    To activate the synchronization with Apple Health, tap “Profile” followed by the gear icon to reach the settings of the adidas Running app. Select “Partner Accounts” and enable Apple Health. To select the data to be synchronized, open your Apple Health App and open “Sources”.

  • Apple Music

    If you’re subscribed to Apple Music, you can access four awesome Runtastic music playlists to accompany you during your workouts and help keep you motivated! To choose your playlist, follow the simple steps below:

    • Tap the Music Player icon on the left side of the “Start” button
    • Under “Music and Fitness” swipe through the available playlists
    • Tap on a playlist to view the song titles, artist names and the playlist duration
    • Select “Start” and your Runtastic playlist will begin playing
  • Apple Watch (Watch + Phone): After your Activity

    Once you have pressed “Stop” on your watch, there’s just a few final steps to follow to complete your activity.

    For GPS-tracked outdoor activities:

    You will be asked for your “Feeling” and “Surface”, which you can select by turning the Digital Crown on the side of the watch. Tap “Save” to complete your activity.

    For Treadmill and Cycling (Ergometer) activities:

    You’ll be asked first to input your “Distance”. Tap each value and use the Digital Crown on the side of the watch to enter the kilometers you covered. Press “Continue” and then follow the same procedure to input your “Calories”.  Tap “Save” to complete your activity. 

    For all other indoor activities:

    Select your “Calories” burned using the Digital Crown to input the correct value and then press “Save” to complete your activity.

    If you stop the activity on your iPhone, the above steps must then be carried out on the phone instead of the watch. Your Activity Summary will always be displayed on the phone after your activity.

    Note: A summary of the steps you took during your activity will only be displayed in the Activity Summary if you use the “Watch only” mode.


  • Apple Watch (Watch + Phone): Change the Activity Type

    In order to change the Activity Type on your Apple Watch, open the adidas Running app on the watch and tap the Activity Type icon at the bottom right of the screen. Now select an activity type from the list shown. (If your preferred Activity Type is not shown here, you can select it from the detailed list in the adidas Running app on your iPhone).

  • Apple Watch (Watch + Phone): Change the Language of the adidas Running app

    Use your iPhone to change the language. Go to the Apple Watch General Settings, select “Language & Region” and “System Language”. Now select your preferred language from the list. Tap “Done” to save your settings. The language of the adidas Running app on your Watch will change automatically.

  • Apple Watch (Watch + Phone): Connection Problems

    If you are having problems establishing a connection between your Apple Watch and the adidas Running app, make sure to use the following versions:

    • watchOS 4 or newer
    • at least iOS11 

    Due to technical reasons a connection between your Apple Watch and the adidas Running app is not possible with older iOS or watchOS versions. 

  • Apple Watch (Watch + Phone): Displayed Values

    The following values will be displayed on your Apple Watch during a GPS-tracked outdoor activity: Distance, Duration, Pace and Heart Rate. During an indoor activity, Heart Rate and Duration will be displayed. The values displayed cannot be customized.

    Click here to get more information on how to change the values of the app’s dashboard on your iPhone.

  • Apple Watch (Watch + Phone): Enable Voice Coach/ LIVE Tracking / Auto Pause

    If you wish to use adidas Running app features, such as Voice Coach, LIVE Tracking and Auto Pause with your Apple Watch, simply activate the features within the adidas Running app on your iPhone before you start your activity:

    Voice Coach, see here

    LIVE Tracking, see here

    Auto Pause, see here


  • Apple Watch (Watch + Phone): Heart Rate

    The Apple Watch OS allows you to access the integrated heart rate monitor. This means you are able to monitor and record your heart rate during an adidas Running activity using your Apple Watch.

    You can view your heart rate either from the watch or the app on your phone. 

     If you are wearing a heart rate monitor strap, your heart rate will be measured using this device and not the Apple Watch.

    Heart rate recording is supported by the following versions:

    • watchOS4 and newer
    • iOS11
  • Apple Watch (Watch + Phone): Pause/End/Resume an Activity

    During an activity, there is an easy way to pause your session. Swipe right on the screen of your Apple Watch, then select “Pause” to pause your session. Use the same procedure to end or resume your activity.

  • Apple Watch (Watch + Phone): Start an Activity

    In order to start an activity on your Apple Watch, open the adidas Running app on either your watch or your iPhone and press “Start”.

    In wet weather, you can swipe right and toggle on the Water Lock feature. However, please note that this feature is only available to users with WatchOS 4.

  • Apple Watch (Watch Only): After Your Activity

    For GPS-tracked outdoor activities:

    Once you’ve pressed “Stop”, you will be asked to select your “Feeling” and “Surface”, which you can select by turning the crown on the side of the watch. Only once you have pressed “Save” will your activity be uploaded to your adidas account. You can then view the activity in your adidas Running app, too! 

    For Treadmill and Cycling (Ergometer) activities:

    You’ll be asked first to input the “Distance” you covered during your run. Use the Digital Crown to select the correct value. Press “Continue” and then follow the same procedure to input your “Calories”.  Tap “Save” to complete your activity.

  • Apple Watch (Watch Only): Analysing Your Statistics

    Once you’ve finished your activity, you can easily get an overview of your performance. The following values are displayed on the watch:

    • Duration
    • Calories
    • Distance
    • Average Heart Rate
    • Pace

    The adidas Running activities you’ve tracked also count towards the “Exercise rings” which are new for watchOS 4. Do you want to share your activity details with a friend? Simply flip the watch face forward - the display and the values shown will turn automatically. You’ll also see your activities in Apple Health.

  • Apple Watch (Watch Only): Available Activity Types

    The following activity types are available for your Apple Watch app:

    • Running
    • Walking
    • Hiking
    • Running (Treadmill)
    • Cycling (Ergometer)
    • Cycling*
    • Mountain or Road Biking*

    * These activity types are only available for Apple Watch Series 2, 3 and 4.

    If you wish to use more activity types, just activate "Watch + Phone" mode and use your Apple Watch as a second screen. 

  • Apple Watch (Watch Only): During Your Activity

    During Running, Walking, Hiking and Running (Treadmill) activities, the following values will be displayed:

    • Distance
    • Duration
    • Pace (replaced with Speed in kph for biking activities)
    • Heart Rate

    During Cycling (Ergometer) activities, only duration and heart rate will be displayed.

    If you swipe to the right you can either tap and pause or stop the activity or activate the water lock.


  • Apple Watch (Watch Only): Enabling/Disabling Auto Pause

    To enable/disable the autopause, tap the Settings icon on the main screen of your Apple Watch and toggle the autopause on or off for the activity type you wish to use it for.

    Autopause is available for running, walking and hiking.


  • Apple Watch (Watch Only): Notifications

    Tap the Settings icon on the main screen of your Apple Watch then toggle the notifications either on or off.

    Toggling on the “Run Split” notification will mean that after each kilometer or mile, your watch will vibrate and display your current pace. Toggling on the “Heart Rate Alert” notification means that your watch will vibrate when your heart rate remains too high for 30 seconds.


  • Apple Watch (Watch Only): Starting Your Activity

    Log in to the adidas Running app, enable Apple Health permissions and ensure that all Apple Health “Categories” are turned on. Once these short steps have been completed, you’re ready to hit the road! 

    Then, just open the adidas Running app on your Apple Watch and press “Start”. Your activity type is already predefined as running, but you can always change it to another available activity type by tapping on "Running" and scrolling down.

    Thanks to the Water Lock feature, you can start tracking in any weather conditions. The watch face will be locked and raindrops won’t change your settings or accidentally stop your activity.

    Note: Please keep in mind that you will need iOS 11 and watchOS 4 in order to use the Apple Watch Standalone app. 

  • Apple Watch Second Screen

    Based on your feedback when we released the Standalone app, we have re-introduced the much-missed Second Screen feature for your Apple Watch!

    Features such as Voice Coach, LIVE tracking and the Music Player are once again available to use with your Apple Watch — just select “Watch + Phone” in the Apple Watch settings.

    However, you can still enjoy using the Standalone app by selecting “Watch only”.

    Choose your preferred mode by following the simple steps below:

    • Tap the “Profile” tab
    • Tap the gear icon in the top right corner
    • Select “Apple Watch”

    The following versions are required to use the Watch + Phone mode on the Apple Watch:

    • watchOS 3 or higher
    • at least iOS9

    Note: GPS Location, Motion & Fitness, and Apple Health permissions must first be granted, in order for the app to work on the watch.

  • Apple Watch: Enabling Permissions

    Whether you wish to use the Standalone app (Watch Only) or the Second Screen function (Watch + Phone), there are some permissions you need to enable first on your iPhone. 

    To enable the permissions and set up your adidas Running app on the Apple Watch, follow the steps below:

    • Open the adidas Running app on your iPhone
    • Tap the “Profile” tab
    • Tap the gear icon in the top right corner
    • Select “Apple Watch”
    • Follow the on-screen instructions

    When you reach the Permissions screen, GPS Location, Motion & Fitness* and Apple Health** must be toggled on.

    *If you are not able to toggle on Motion & Fitness, please navigate to “Privacy” in the Settings of your iPhone, tap “Motion & Fitness” and ensure that “Fitness Tracking” and “adidas Running” are activated. 

    **All categories must be turned on for the adidas Running app in Apple Health.

  • Challenge an Existing Activity

    Follow these simple steps to challenge an existing activity* in the adidas Running app:

    • Tap the Activity Setup icon next to the “Start” button
    • Tap “Select your workout” 
    • Tap “Challenge an Activity”
    • Select one of your previous activities to challenge
    • Start your activity by returning to the Activity screen and pressing “Start”

    * This feature is available to you in the adidas Running app as a Premium Member.

  • Challenges: Can I join more than one at one time?

    Yes! You can join as many Challenges as you like. Your activities can also count for multiple challenges if the activities fulfill the requirements for each Challenge as specified in the Challenge details.

  • Challenges: Can I track with a smartwatch?

    Yes. The following smartwatches synchronize directly with the adidas Runtastic platform:

    As soon as you’ve synchronized your activity with adidas Running, it will be counted towards the Challenge.

    For other smartwatches, you have the option to import your activity to adidas Running as a .gpx or .tcx file. For help with importing your activity, please see here.

    If you track an activity with more than one device, it will only count once towards your challenge.

  • Challenges: How can I leave a Challenge?

    If you decide to leave a Challenge, you can do so by following the simple steps below:

    • Open the adidas Running app
    • Tap “Progress” on your tab bar
    • Select the Challenge you want to leave
    • Simply tap the three dots in the top right corner
    • Select “Leave Challenge”

    Note: Once you’ve carried out these steps, all your activities will be removed from the challenge. Should you decide to rejoin a challenge, your previous progress will not be taken into account.

  • Challenges: How do I ensure that my activity counts?

    Once you’ve joined, activities that comply with the challenge rules will be automatically linked and counted towards the challenge – there’s nothing you need to do manually.

    In order to ensure that your activity is linked to the Challenge, the following criteria must be set:

    • Your activity must have a GPS trace (unless otherwise specified in the Challenge details)*
    • Your activity must be tracked using the correct sport type for the Challenge (e.g Running)
    • Your activity must be tracked while the Challenge is active (the start and end time are always in your local time zone)

    If you track your activities with a smartwatch, please see the article linked here for more information.

    *If you enter an activity manually, edit an activity after completion, or track a treadmill activity, it will not count towards your challenge.

  • Challenges: How do I join?

    Follow the simple steps below to view all available challenges and join your first one:

    • Open the  adidas Running app
    • Tap “Progress” on your tab bar
    • Scroll to “Challenges”
    • Simply tap on a Challenge for an overview – see how many participants are joining, how long the Challenge is running, etc.
    • Ready to push yourself? Just select “Join Challenge” 

    Note: Once you’ve joined, your name and rank will appear on the leaderboard and will be visible to all challenge participants.

  • Challenges: The Challenge has already started. Can I still join?

    Yes! You can join the Challenge at any time.