• Tools for Creating Routes

    There are several tools you can use to create a route.

    The main tools are:

    1. Click: Set new points
    2. Right click: Delete a point
    3. Click and drag: Move the map

    You also have these two options:

    • Snap to road: Use this feature to have the route follow the best path
    • Anchor points: Anchor points are used to correct or plan a part of the route. The rest of the route outside the points remains unchanged
      • Double click two points on the route to set at least two anchor points
      • Change the section between these two points by dragging the line to the desired route

    Shortcuts and Tips

    Edit with shortcut actions quickly and easily:

    • Ctrl + Z: Undo
    • Ctrl + S: Enable/Disable snap to road
    • Ctrl + A: Enable/Disable anchor points
    • Ctrl + C: Close route
  • Creating Routes

    There are three ways to create new routes.

    1. Select “Routes” and then “Create new Route” at the top right
    2. Select “Routes” and then “My Routes” at the top right. Then click “Create new Route” at the bottom right of the map
    3. Select “My Routes” in the menu on the left and then “Create new Route” at the bottom right of the map.

    Next, a dialogue box opens where you can choose from three possibilities to create a new route:

    • Manually: Create a new route
    • Import file (.gpx, .tcx): Create a route based on the imported file. The already existing route can be adjusted easily.
    • Import activity: Create a route based on a completed activity. A list of your recent activities will be displayed. Click on one of the activities on your list to display the route. The already existing route can be adjusted easily.

    As soon as your route is created and ready to be published, you can save it by clicking the “Save” button. A dialogue box will open in which you can add additional information regarding your route such as the name of your route, the sport type, the surface type, the target group, the route profile and more.

    After filling in all the required fields, you can determine whether to allow your route to be found using the Route Search function by clicking the icons in the lower left corner. Click the globe icon to allow the search, and the lock icon to block the search.  All routes are anonymous, meaning that your name will not appear in the Route Search function. To link a route to your profile, you can enable additional privacy settings in the general settings.

    If you need help when creating a route, just click on the green light bulb in the top right corner of the map to get detailed step-by-step instructions.


  • Edit the Map of Activities

    Follow these steps to edit the map:

    • Go to Runtastic.com and log in
    • Click "Activities" in the menu at the left
    • Click on the activity you would like to edit
    • Click “Options” and then “Create Route”
    • Use the map tools to create your route
    • Select "Save" at the bottom right
    • Select a name, sport type, description and tags

    Use the edited route:

    • Follow the steps to edit an activity
    • Select the map you created under "Map Data"
    • Select "Save" to save your changes