• Export Account Data

    Follow these steps if you want to export and download your account data:

    • Log in to Runtastic.com and click on “Home”
    • Select "Account & Data" on the left-hand side
    • Click the black "Export Data" button on the right-hand side
    • You will receive an email with instructions

    Your sports sessions, sleep sessions, elevation, speed, and heart rate data is provided in .JSON format.

    The folder 'GPS data' consists of all sessions that have a GPS trace and those are available to you in .gpx format. You can import those files into other platforms.

    After you have imported the sessions into your preferred platform, all data such as elevation, heart rate, distance, duration, map, etc. will be visible to you.

    Note: In order to export your account, you must confirm your email address, if you haven’t done so already. Enter your email account and click on the link we sent you to confirm your email address.

    If you did not receive it, we can resend it to you. Contact us via the ‘Submit Request’ button, and we can assist you further.

  • Import Activities

    If you want to import .gpx, .fit, and .tcx files, follow the steps below:

    - Go to www.Runtastic.com

    - Log-in to your account

    - Go to "Home"

    - Select "Activity Import" on the left-hand side

    - Select "Choose files" 

    - Select the file you want to import, and the activity will be uploaded after you click on "Upload". If the import has been successful, a message will confirm the upload, and you will be able to view the activity in your account.

    Note: The file must not be bigger than 10 MB.

    For more detailed information on how adidas Runtastic is processing GPX files in the web import, please visit here

  • Change Marketing Settings

    Follow these steps to change your marketing settings: 

    • Log in to Runtastic.com and click the drop-down arrow next to your user picture
    • Click 'Privacy Settings'
    • Check or uncheck the box labeled ‘Stay Informed’ to alter whether or not you will receive marketing notifications based on your activity in our app

    Follow these steps to change your marketing settings for our Website:


  • Change Your Email Address

    You can change your email address via the Settings page directly in the app. To access the page do the following:

    • Login to the adidas Running app and click 'Profile'
    • Click on 'Settings' (gear icon) 
    • When viewing your settings, click 'Edit Profile'

    Change your email address and (iOS only) click 'Save' in the top-right corner

  • Changes to the Premium code redemption

    It is no longer possible to redeem a code for a Premium membership via our website.

    Did you arrive at this page after clicking a link or scanning a QR code?
    Scan the QR code below with your smartphone. After having downloaded the adidas Running or Training app and creating your profile, your account will be automatically upgraded to Premium.QR_code.png
    ANDROID ONLY: Did you get your Premium Code? 

    Please redeem your code in one of our apps. You'll need the adidas Running or Training app for Android. Please go to Settings → adidas Running →“Enter Promotion Code” on Android. If you don't have the app, click the link to your respective app store below to download. If you have trouble redeeming your code, please contact Customer Happiness. Due to technical changes, the redemption of discount codes is no longer supported. If you have a discount code for Premium, please contact us.

  • Delete Account

    Follow these simple steps if you want to delete your account and all your activities:

    • Log in to Runtastic.com and open the Settings by clicking on 'Home' 
    • Select 'Account & Data' on the left-hand side
    • Click 'Request Deletion'
    • Go to your email account and open the email we’ve sent you, please also check your spam folder.
    • Once you have followed the steps in the email, your account and all its data will be deleted. 

    Premium Memberships that were purchased through the App Store or Google Play Store must be canceled separately, otherwise the automatic renewal will remain active. For guidelines on how to cancel your subscription see here.

  • Forgot/Change Your Password?

    If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking on the 'Forgot your password?' link. When viewing the log-in page on either www.runtastic.com or within one of our apps, please click the 'Forgot your password?' button.

    Then, enter the email address associated with your adidas account.

    After requesting your password to be reset, a message will be sent to your email address. If you don’t see it right away, check your spam folder. Open the message and click the 'Change password' button. You will be redirected to a page where you can change your password.

  • How can I use training plans within the adidas Runtastic app portfolio?

    There are two kinds of training plans within the adidas Runtastic app portfolio:

    - Training plans for running

    - Bodyweight training plans in the adidas Training app

    You want to be part of the next marathon or complete your first 10k? Training plans for running help you to professionally prepare for your running goal. The workouts are developed by experts and are specifically designed to continuously improve your performance. Choose your plan and start running with your adidas Running app! You can find more information on our Training Plans for Running here.

    The training plans in the adidas Training app are based on your fitness level and help you build strength, burn fat and define your muscles with around 190 bodyweight exercises. You are able to give feedback on your experience every week (and let us know, for example, if the training was way too difficult or too easy) and your plan for the following week will be adjusted based on your performance and feedback. Visit our Help Center for more information on the 12-week training plan and the adidas Training app on Android or iOS.

    All Training Plans are unlocked for Premium Members. In addition, a selection of Training Plans is also free for non-Premium Members.

  • How to block another user?

    If you would like to block another user within the adidas Running or adidas Training app, you have now the option to do so by following the steps below: 

    • Open the Profile of the User you want to block.
    • Tap on the three dots in the top-right corner.
    • Click on 'Block User' and confirm that you want all social connections between you and the other user removed.

    Did you block a user by accident? Don't worry! You can unblock another user by going to their Profile and clicking on 'Unblock' underneath their profile picture. 

    However, the previous social connection to the blocked user won't be restored. You will have to follow the person again.

  • How To Contact Us

    Thank you for using our Help Center! 

    In order to contact us directly, please follow the steps below:

    1) Use the search-bar by entering keyword that is related to your problem or question

    2) Click on the most relevant article

    3) Review the article for any tips, tricks and possible solutions

    4) If the article is of no help, scroll to the bottom and tap 'Submit Rrequest' to contact us

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • Our Community Guidelines

    We are proud of our huge community of people united by a passion for sports and want to make sure this is a place of positive exchanges, motivation, fun and mutual respect. Therefore we have guidelines in place to ensure a fair game. 

    Violating the Community Guidelines may result in your account being deleted. 

    Here is a short overview of the current guidelines in place:

    • RESPECT OTHERS: Every user is a valued member of the adidas Runtastic community. Please remember to be kind and respectful when posting on our platforms.

    • PUT HEALTH FIRST: Encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle is our top priority. Just as we are advocates of it, we expect our community members to promote safe and healthy habits. 

    • PLAY FAIR: Friendly competition can be a great motivator and there are plenty of ways to compete with other users in the adidas Runtastic apps without cheating.

    • KEEP IT LEGAL: Make sure you have the rights to share any images or music you use in the content you share.

    • SPEAK UP: As a community member, you are encouraged to take action directly in the app or here if you suspect these guidelines are being violated.

    Here you’ll find our Community Guidelines with more information about what we expect from our members and what you can expect from us.

  • Support of Withings (formerly Nokia Health) discontinued

    For technical reasons, we will no longer support synchronization of Withings (formerly Nokia Health) smart scales to your adidas Runtastic account. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


    We’re Retiring adidas Runtastic Web Features!

    In our ongoing efforts to provide you with the best running and training experiences, we are shifting our focus away from our web presence and toward further developing our mobile apps. We are confident that the time, energy and passion we invest in improving your app experience will be worth it.

    What exactly does that mean for you? While we have to say goodbye to a few of the Web features most of your favorites can still be found in the adidas Running App.

    In the meantime, you’ll still be able to browse and use the Routes feature in the adidas Running app, but you won’t be able to create new Routes.

    We’ve also added different filtering options for your activity log in the adidas Running app, but due to the limited space on a phone screen, some stats and graphics we provided on the web will not be available in the app.

    Your ability to log in and export your training log and/or data will not be affected.

    Full Focus on Mobile

    Did you know you can edit your activities right in the app? 

    Have you tried our exciting Challenges

    Or set yourself a goal and try out all those features directly in the App.

    Here a list of features that were provided on the Web, that you can still use directly in the App:

    Groups - Join/leave groups, add members, edit group, group leaderboard, etc;

    Statistics - Yearly, monthly or weekly stats, etc;

    Edit an activity - Sportstype, duration, distance, add notes, etc; 

    GPS watches - Polar and Garmin

    Friends - Search and add a friend; 

    Training Plans - Half marathon, marathon, summer body and more;

    Live Tracking - Let your friends and family be part of your run.

    Profile - Change your email address and details, view your records; 

    While we’re saying goodbye to the web features, we’re constantly adding new app functionalities to make your running and training experiences the best possible. We’d love to stay fit together – stay tuned for what’s to come!