• adidas Train & Run: Activate the PRO features within the Runtastic app

    As Premium Member you have full access to all the features in the Runtastic app. To activate them, log out of the app and close it. Restart your phone, open the app again and log in with your Premium account.

  • adidas Train & Run: Do I have to switch to Runtastic?

    You don’t have to switch, but it is important to note that Train & Run will no longer be maintained or updated. Therefore, we would encourage you to transition to Runtastic and give our apps, training plans and Premium Membership a try - it’s on the house anyway, so you’ve really got nothing to lose!

  • adidas Train & Run: How can I export my data?

    Once logged into your miCoach account select “Download my Workouts” from the landing page. You can choose to either export all your workout data or a selected date range. Once your choice is made, select “Export”. You will then receive an email with a link to download your workout data.

  • adidas Train & Run: I have two adidas miCoach accounts and I want to merge them into one Runtastic account. Can I do this?

    Yes, to do so, follow these steps:

    1. Create a Runtastic user or login with an existing one
    2. Start the migration and wait for it to be finished
    3. Logout of Runtastic
    4. Create a second Runtastic user or login with a second one
    5. Start the migration and wait for it to be finished
    6. Contact Runtastic Support to merge the two Runtastic users and tell them which user you would like to use from now on. Login with your preferred user and have fun with Runtastic!
  • adidas Train & Run: I noticed there’s no Runtastic Results Group in my area, how can I start one?

    Follow the instructions below for creating a group and please send an email to results-groups@runtastic.com - you can contact us anytime with questions or concerns.

    Please name your group as follows: Runtastic Results + name of your city/region. (For example, Runtastic Results Vienna).

    You can download an appropriate header image here.

  • adidas Train & Run: My migrated activities contain no elevation

    If the elevation was not imported with your activity you can add it to your activity at Runtastic.com. Log in to your account and open the affected activity. Click the gear wheel and then “refine elevation” to create an elevation for your activity.

  • adidas Train & Run: What / Who is Runtastic?

    Runtastic offers users a full suite of health & fitness apps, as well as various gadgets to help you live consciously, meet personal goals and have fun along the way. Users can choose from a wide variety of products and services, which means that everybody can find something inspiring and motivating to change his/her lifestyle. The young and dynamic team aims to support every individual to live a more aware and active lifestyle with Runtastic, leading to a longer, happier life.

  • adidas Train & Run: What about my miCoach device? Can I use it with Runtastic?

    The miCoach family of devices were built specifically for use with the miCoach platform. Their use with the Runtastic platform will be limited. See below for more details on your specific device:

    • Fit Smart: can be used with Runtastic as a heart rate monitor
    • Smart Run: this is a stand alone device and cannot be used with Runtastic
    • HRM Bluetooth: can be used with Runtastic as a heart rate monitor
    • SPEED_CELL Bluetooth: cannot be used with Runtastic
    • X_CELL: can be used with Runtastic as a heart rate monitor

    You will still be able to use the full functionality of your devices with the miCoach platform and apps until the service stops on 28th February 2018. If you have chosen to migrate to Runtastic any workouts you complete with miCoach will be automatically synced to your Runtastic account too.

  • adidas Train & Run: What are the benefits of switching to Runtastic?

    Runtastic offers a whole portfolio of products, services and content to give its users various tools to get fit, while having the advantage of conveniently and safely storing their data in one place. You can train wherever you want to, no matter if you’re at home, outdoors, on holiday or on a business trip.

    Most of the time, your phone is with you and so are all of your apps! Another big benefit of the portfolio is when it comes to activity types and fitness levels. Whether you love running, biking or strength training, there’s an app for every preference.

  • adidas Train & Run: What can the Runtastic Running & Fitness App do?

    The Runtastic Running & Fitness app tracks your workouts in real-time via GPS (distance, pace, elevation, calories burned,...) and so much more. Here’s a short list of some of the features:

    • Yearly Running Goal: Set a 2017 goal and we’ll keep you motivated and on track to reach it
    • Real Voice Coach: Get audio feedback based on activity stats that you hand select
    • LIVE Tracking & Cheering: Receive live messages & cheers from your friends during your next activity
    • Shoe Tracking: Keep track of the mileage on your kicks, so you know when it’s time to retire your shoes and get a new pair
    • Running Leaderboard: See who’s run the furthest this/last week or month
    • Training Plans: Reach your personal fitness goals, whether it’s weight loss, running a certain distance or getting stronger & faster

    If you have any open questions about the Runtastic app, visit our FAQs for iOS and Android.

  • adidas Train & Run: What if I am already a Runtastic user?

    You are already a Runtastic user? Great! Just follow the provided link within the adidas Train & Run app and we will guide you through the process. Once you’ve finished the process, all your data will be synced to your existing Runtastic account.

  • adidas Train & Run: What is the Premium Membership?

    The Runtastic Premium Membership is a paid, premium subscription that offers a wide range of benefits across the Runtastic Portfolio.

    There are two kinds of Runtastic accounts:

    Basic Membership: This is the free account you get when you sign up on Runtastic.com and is the account you can enjoy without a Runtastic Premium Membership.

    Premium Membership: This is our premium, paid account. This account is offered on a subscription basis and offers basic account features, plus additional benefits and features, which are available exclusively to Runtastic Premium Members.

    You can also find information on the differences here.

  • adidas Train & Run: Which data will be migrated to Runtastic?

    All your workouts and the related statistics will be transferred to Runtastic. This includes details such as pace, distance, duration, GPS trace, heart rate and calories.

    As adidas miCoach is built in a different way, not all the data can be migrated. In case you want to keep it make sure that you export and download any other data manually. For example: training plans, running goals, achievements, milestones, groups and friends.

    However, you can use most of those features within the Runtastic Portfolio too - whether you would like to set a running goal for 2017 or get yourself ready for the next running event with one of our Training Plans. As a Premium Member you have access to all of these benefits.

    You can get more information on exporting your adidas miCoach data here.

  • adidas Train & Run: Why are you stopping the development of the miCoach platform and associated apps?

    adidas recently acquired the digital health & fitness platform, Runtastic. Since then we have been hard at work to consolidate our digital products. To this end, Runtastic apps are best positioned to provide the premium running and training experiences from adidas.

  • adidas Train & Run: Why should I migrate the data to Runtastic?

    Discover all benefits Runtastic has to offer: a full suite of health & fitness apps to help you live consciously, meet personal goals and have fun along the way. No matter if you’re a beginner or already a passionate athlete, if you dive into our portfolio, we’re sure you will find the perfect fit for your needs. We’ve helped millions of people reach their health and fitness goals - you’re next!

  • Change Newsletter / Notification Settings

    You can unsubscribe from our newsletter on the “Settings” page. There are three ways to open the “Settings” page:

    • There is a dropdown menu in the top right corner next to your user name. Open it and click “Settings”.

    • When viewing your profile, click “Edit Profile” right below your user name.
    • There is a “Personal Info” column on the right side of your Profile page. Click any of the “Edit Profile” links.

    In order to unsubscribe from the newsletter, click “Notifications” and choose which information you would like to receive via email.

  • Change the Language on Runtastic.com

    In order to change the language on Runtastic.com, scroll to the bottom of the screen. The language settings can be found in the left corner. The current language will be displayed and the word More. Click the word More to get to a list of languages. Select your language and Runtastic.com will automatically be updated.

  • Change Your Email Address

    You can change your email address via the Settings page. There are three ways to access the page:

    • There is a dropdown menu in the top right corner next to your user name. Open it and click “Settings”.

    • When viewing your profile, click “Edit Profile” right below your user name.
    • There is a “Personal Info” column on the right side of your Profile page. Click any of the “Edit Profile” links.

    In the Settings, select “Login Data” to change your email address.

  • Delete Account

    Follow these simple steps if you want to delete your account and all your activities:

    • Log in to Runtastic.com and open the Settings by clicking the drop-down arrow next to your user picture
    • Select "Login Data" on the left-hand side
    • Click "Delete my account" at the bottom

    Note: Once deleted, your data can not be restored!

  • Duplicate Account / Lost Sessions

    If you can’t find previous sessions anymore within the app or on Runtastic.com, it is possible that you have created a second account without noticing it by registering, for example, once via Facebook and once via your email address.

    In order for us to further assist you in this matter, we would need the email addresses you have used to create your accounts, or the links to your existing profiles on Runtastic.com.

    It is also important that you tell us which email address you would like to use from now on.

    In order for us to merge the accounts for you, we kindly ask you to send us a new ticket below with the subject line "duplicate account".

    Once we have received this information, we will merge your accounts. Your History, Membership, Training Plans etc. will be saved.

  • Fit Smart Connection in the Runtastic App

    In order to connect your Fit Smart for measuring the heart rate please follow these simple steps:

    Start an activity on your Fit Smart.

    On Android: Open the Runtastic app, go to Settings > Heart Rate and connect the Fit Smart as "Runtastic HR Combo Monitor".

    On iOS: Open the Runtastic app go to Settings > Heart Rate > Connect Heart Rate Monitor.

    On Windows Phone:

    - Go to your phone's general bluetooth settings and connect the Fit Smart there first.

    - Now open the Runtastic app and go to Settings > Heart Rate Settings and connect it as "Runtastic Heart Rate Combo Monitor".

  • Forgot Your Password?

    If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking on the “Forgot your password?” link.

    Then, enter the email address associated with your Runtastic account.

    After requesting your password to be reset, a message will be sent to your email address. If you don’t see it right away, check your Spam folder. Open the message and click the “Change password” button. You will be redirected to a page where you can change your password.



  • How can I use training plans within the Runtastic Portfolio?

    There are two kinds of training plans within the Runtastic Portfolio:

    1. Training plans for running
    2. 12-week bodyweight training plan in the Runtastic Results app

    You want to be part of the next marathon or complete your first 10k? Training plans for running help you to professionally prepare for your running goal. The workouts are developed by experts and are specifically designed to continuously improve your performance. Choose your plan and start running with your Runtastic app! You can find more information on our Training Plans for Running here.

    The 12-week training plan in the Runtastic Results app is based on your fitness level and helps you building strength, burn fat and define your muscles with more than 180 bodyweight exercises. You are able to give feedback on your experience every week (and let us know, for example, if the training was way too difficult or too easy) and your plan for the following week will be adjusted based on your performance and feedback. Visit our Help Center for more information on the 12-week training plan and the Results app on Android or iOS.

    All Training Plans are available for free for Premium Members.

    Unfortunately, Training Plans can not be synchronized to your local calendar.

  • How To Contact Us

    Thank you for using our Helpcenter! 

    In order to contact us directly, please follow the steps below:

    1) Use the search-bar by entering an, to your problem or question related, keyword.

    2) Click on the article, that is most relevant in relation to your question.

    3) Review the article for any tips, tricks and possible solutions.

    4) If the article is of no help, press the thumbs down icon at the end of the article.

    5) Contact us via the link at the bottom of the article.

    Thank you for your understanding

  • Privacy Settings

    Your Privacy Settings can be edited either by going to Settings > Privacy or by clicking on the Drop-down menu in the top right corner. On this page, you can adjust the visibility of different data groups.

    Profile data: Settings related to all the data you have added to your Profile (via Settings > Profile). It includes the following information:

    • General Information (birthday, gender, height, address, family status)
    • Reason and Motivation (sports level, your goals, your motivation)
    • Education and Job
    • Contact Information

    If you select the “Nobody” privacy setting, only your first and last name will be visible.

    Activity: Settings related to all the data on your activities including information like Maps, Distance, Time, Pace, Calories etc. If you restrict your Privacy Settings, certain users will not be able to see any of your activities since the “Activities” tab will be hidden. If you block your friends from following your activities, they will not appear in their News feed anymore.

    News feed: Settings related to all the information displayed on your wall (LIVE activities, new sports activities, status updates) that keeps others up to date. If your Privacy Settings are set to “Nobody”, your friends will not receive updates on your activities in their News feed.

    Maps of activities: Settings related to the maps from your GPS tracking sessions. If a blocked user opens the Details page of your activity, a message will be displayed instead of your map. Also, the status update for your activity will be shown as though there were no map information for this activity.

    Routes: Settings related to all the information about routes created or imported from activities. The “Routes” tab will be hidden from blocked users. If you do not want to share your routes with your friends anymore, they will not get any updates when you create a new route.

    Photos: Settings related to all the photos (both profile picture and photos of your activities) you have uploaded to Runtastic.com. The “Photos” tab will be hidden from blocked users.

    Sports statistics: Settings related to all the statistics on your activities, like graphs, overall statistics, training history, performance progress, training habits, and personal records. All your statistics as well as the “Statistics” tab will be hidden from blocked users.

    Training plans: Settings related to all the training plans you are currently using or have purchased. The “Training Plans” tab will be hidden from blocked users.


  • Reset or Change Your Password

    You can reset your password via the Settings page. There are three ways to access this page:

    • There is a dropdown menu in the top right corner next to your user name. Open it and click “Settings”.

    • When viewing your profile, click “Edit Profile” right below your user name.
    • There is a “Personal Info” column on the right side of your Profile page. Click any of the “Edit Profile” links.

    In order to reset your password, select “Login Data”. Enter a new password in the “Change your password” field and confirm it by entering it again.

  • Rewards-Community FAQs

    1. When I reach the higher points, do I win all the prizes below as well or just the higher-point prize?

    Once you earn 1,000 points, you automatically get the prize within that prize bracket and the same goes for when you earn 2,500 points. Once you cross over the 2,500 point mark, you’re in the running for the big prizes that will change every month.

    The winners for top prizes will be randomly drawn at the end of every month. For those of you who surpassed 2,500 points but did not win a top prize, you will receive a 1-month Premium Membership.

    2. Can I use multiple social media channels to earn points (e.g. Facebook, IG, etc.)?

    Yes, feel free to use Facebook, Instagram & Twitter - the more the better.

    3. How & when do I get my prizes?

    All digital prizes (Premium discounts and codes) will be rewarded at the end of the month after the final point count has been determined. The promo code will pop up on the rewards page the next time you come to your Rewards page. For the hardware products, we will ask you for your shipping address via pop up on the rewards page upon completion of the month. They will be shipped within the first 2-3 weeks of the following month. For the top prize winner, you will be contacted directly via our booking agency.

    4. How many points can I earn per month?

    As many as you possibly can! Once you get over 2,500 points, then you’re entered to win either 1 grand prize, 9 runner-up prizes or a 1-month Premium Membership.

    5. Do my points carry over to the next month?

    No they do not. Every month we start fresh to keep the contest fair, fun and rewarding.

    6. What if I don’t want to participate in the rewards program anymore?

    If you do not wish to participate in the rewards program anymore, you can unsubscribe here.

    7. I downloaded the Results app, how come I did not receive my 500 points?

    Below each reward opportunity, you will see further details explaining how to receive the points. In this case the details read: "Let us know that you've downloaded the app "Runtastic Results" by completing and sharing your workout on Facebook or Twitter." So, after you have downloaded the app, you need to register, complete a workout and then share it with your friends so that we know you’ve downloaded the app.

    8. I’ve already downloaded the Results app...do I still receive the points?

    Same thing here, you must complete a workout and share it for us to recognize the points earned. Go ahead, start sweating!

    9. Is the top prize the same every month?

    Every month the top prizes will rotate. However, who’s to say that we cannot bring a fan-favorite back for another round of rewards :)

  • Runtastic joins the adidas group

    Runtastic joins the adidas group – what will change?

    We want to assure you that our strategic partnership with adidas will have no influence whatsoever on our apps, products & services. We, as a team, are completely autonomous and free to continue our work as Runtastic just like we did over the past years. Moreover, we guarantee that we won’t pass any data on to other parties - that’s out of the question.

    What does this mean for the company, brand & team?

    Runtastic – the company and brand – will continue to run as it does today. We will remain a separate entity, within the adidas Group. We will continue to expand and optimize the Runtastic ecosystem and make time to carefully investigate where meaningful integrations could best serve our community members. A top customer experience will always remain priority number one.

    As for our team, we’ll continue to operate from our headquarters in Linz, Austria and anticipate positive new synergies and mutual knowledge exchange in the future – which will lead to even bigger and better innovations and optimizations down the road!

  • Sharing on Facebook

    You can enable & disable sharing to your Facebook Timeline on your Settings page. There are three ways to open the Settings page:

    • There is a dropdown menu in the top right corner next to your user name. Open it and click “Settings”.

    • When viewing your profile, click “Edit Profile” right below your user name.
    • There is a “Personal Info” column on the right side of your Profile page. Click any of the “Edit Profile” links.

    To enable/disable sharing to your Facebook Timeline, select “Social Connect”.

    Enable Sharing

    To enable sharing to your Facebook Timeline, sign in with your Facebook account by clicking “Connect”. After logging in, you will be redirected to a new page where you can select which activities (GPS watch or manually added activities) shall be shared, or whether you want to share maps of your activities on Facebook. After setting your preferences, click “Save”.

    Disable Sharing

    To disable sharing to your Facebook Timeline, click “Disconnect”.