• Altimeter App Discontinued

    We want to provide you with an awesome app experience, no matter which of our apps you use. Therefore, we are focusing our energy and work on those apps and products where we see the greatest potential.

    Due to changes in Facebook sharing capabilities, necessary app updates would require a tremendous amount of effort on our side, and therefore, we have decided to no longer support the Altimeter app.

    This means, there won’t be any app updates for both the free Altimeter app and the PRO version anymore. However, if you’ve already installed one of the two apps, you can keep using it – just be aware that you won’t be able to share your altitude on Facebook.

    If you want to check your elevation gain/loss when out and about, try out the Runtastic app to track your walks, hikes and more.

  • General information on the Altimeter App

    The Runtastic Altimeter App is useful for outdoor activities such as hiking, walking, skiing, rock climbing & mountain biking. It provides useful features such as a compass, weather info, exact GPS position and sunrise and sunset data.

  • What is an Elevation Correction?

    GPS elevation readings can vary greatly from the actual height. The Runtastic elevation correction reduces this error through online services and provides a more accurate result.

  • Enable / disable the Elevation Correction

    To enable / disable the Elevation Correction tap the controller in the settings right beneath the units.

  • Change the units

    Go to the settings in the top right corner, there you are able to change from °C to °F or from Meter to Feet.

  • Take a picture

    If you reached the top of the mountain, have a marvellous view or just want to take a selfie, you can do that in the Altimeter App as well. Tap the photo-icon in the top left corner and select “Take a Photo”. Furthermore you are able to select one of your pictures from the Photo Library or just use the current map as picture.