• Add A Manual Activity

    To add a workout manually in the adidas Running app follow these simple steps:

    • Tap the “Progress” tab
    • Tap “Add an activity manually” directly below “Recent Activities” 
    • Choose your activity type, then set a duration, distance and start time (the burnt calories are calculated automatically)
    • Save your workout by tapping "Next" followed by "Done" in the top right corner

  • Adding/Searching for Friends

    Would you like to add a friend but you are out and about? No problem. Just do it with your adidas Running app.

    There are two ways to reach the “Friends” screen. The first option is to tap “Newsfeed” on the tab bar, followed by the icon in the top right corner. The second option is to tap “Profile” on the tab bar and tap “Friends”.

    As soon as you are in the “Friends” screen, you are able to accept or decline friend requests, search for friends or see your current friends.

    Search for friends:

    You can either connect the app to Facebook or your contact list, or tap the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner to search for contacts. As soon as you are connected, possible contacts will be suggested in “People you may know.”

  • Additional GPS Tips for Android

    If you are still experiencing GPS issues after following all the steps in our GPS Troubleshooting Guide, check out the additional tips below which are known to resolve almost all issues:

    • Restart your device – It is recommended to restart the device every now and then to help solve app issues
    • Remove and reinstall the Runtastic app from the Google Play Store. Your activity history will be cleared from the device, so make sure that you sync all sessions to Runtastic.com beforehand
    • Activate then deactivate “Flight Mode” – In some cases this may help you get GPS working again.
    • Open Google maps, then open the Runtastic app and let it search for 2-5 minutes to lock onto a GPS signal

    If you do experience a weak GPS signal and your activity tracking appears inaccurate, don’t forget you can always edit your activity manually  afterwards.


  • adidas Running and Wear OS by Google

    To install the adidas Running app on your smartwatch, just go to the Google Play Store on your watch and search for the adidas Running app. You can find it in the “Health & Fitness” category. (If the app is already installed on your device, please make sure it is updated to the latest version.)  

    Before you get started with your activity, please check the following:

    • that your smartwatch is paired with your phone
    • that the adidas Running app is installed on your phone
    • that you are logged into the adidas Running app on your phone

    You have two possibilities to either use your Wear OS smartwatch as a standalone option or as a second screen (smartwatch + phone).

    The Standalone Wear OS for the adidas Running App is possible only for smartwatches with integrated GPS.

    Note: Training Plans, Interval Training, and Voice Coach can only be used with the second screen option.

    In order to use your smartwatch as a second screen option, you need to start an activity directly in the adidas Running app on the phone. The activity can be finished either on the smartwatch or phone.

    Activities tracked with Wear OS will be uploaded to your adidas account as soon as your smartwatch is connected to wifi.   

    During the activity you will see the duration, distance and your heart rate on the watch. Press and hold the values to personalize them.

    *Available activity types on the standalone version: 

    • Running
    • Walking
    • Cycling
    • Hiking
    • Nordic walking
    • Strength training
    • Running treadmill
    • Elliptical
    • Ergometer
    • Other

    If you use your smartwatch as second screen, you’ll be able to track all available sports types.

    Pause or Stop an Activity

    Tap the Pause button at the bottom of the screen to pause your activity. To stop the activity, swipe up the screen and tap the Stop button.

    Your activity will end and you will see the route ran, duration, distance, calories burned and much more.

    Tracking your heart rate with Wear OS by Google

    You can track your heart rate via the built-in sensor in your smartwatch OR via an external heart rate belt. You have a heart rate app installed on your smartwatch – there you’ll have the possibility to choose between an external BTLE heart rate belt or the integrated monitor for heart rate tracking.  

    In order to track your heart rate, you’ll need to start the activity directly on the watch.

  • Battery Settings

    In order to have a great experience in the adidas Running app, it might be a good idea for some android users to optimize their “Battery Settings” within the settings of the Runtastic app.

    To adapt your Battery Settings on your android device, please follow the steps below:

    • Open the adidas Running app
    • Go to “Profile” 
    • Click on “Settings” (gear icon) 
    • Scroll down to “Battery Settings”
    • Here you can choose between a “How To Guide” for your device or “Manage Battery Settings” 
    • Once you selected an option, please follow the instructions given on your device
  • Calculation of Dehydration

    The amount of water your body loses during your activity is an approximate calculation based on exertion and calories burned. The calculation also factors in the outdoor temperature and your elevation.

  • Challenge an Existing Activity

    Follow these simple steps to challenge an existing activity* in the adidas Running app:

    • Tap the Activity Setup icon next to the “Start” button
    • Tap “Select your workout” 
    • Tap “Challenge an Activity”
    • Select one of your previous activities to challenge
    • Start your activity by returning to the Activity screen and pressing “Start”

    * This feature is available to you in the adidas Running app as a Premium Member.

  • Challenges: Can I join more than one at one time?

    Yes! You can join as many Challenges as you like. Your activities can also count for multiple challenges if the activities fulfill the requirements for each Challenge as specified in the Challenge details.

  • Challenges: Can I track with a smartwatch?

    Yes. The following smartwatches synchronize directly with the adidas Runtastic platform:

    As soon as you’ve synchronized your activity with adidas Running, it will be counted towards the Challenge.

    For other smartwatches, you have the option to import your activity to adidas Running as a .gpx or .tcx file. For help with importing your activity, please see here.

    If you track an activity with more than one device, it will only count once towards your Challenge.

  • Challenges: How can I leave a Challenge?

    If you decide to leave a Challenge, you can do so by following the simple steps below:

    • Open the adidas Running app
    • Tap “Progress” on your tab bar
    • Select the Challenge you want to leave
    • Simply tap the three dots in the top right corner
    • Select “Leave Challenge”

    Note: Once you’ve carried out these steps, all your activities will be removed from the challenge. Should you decide to rejoin a challenge, your previous progress will not be taken into account.

  • Challenges: How do I ensure that my activity counts?

    Once you’ve joined, activities that comply with the challenge rules will be automatically linked and counted towards the challenge – there’s nothing you need to do manually.

    In order to ensure that your activity is linked to the Challenge, the following criteria must be set:

    • Your activity must have a GPS trace (unless otherwise specified in the Challenge details)*
    • Your activity must be tracked using the correct sport type for the Challenge (e.g Running)
    • Your activity must be tracked while the Challenge is active (the start and end time are always in your local time zone)

    If you track your activities with a smartwatch, please see the article linked here for more information.

    *If you enter an activity manually, edit an activity after completion, or track a treadmill activity, it will not count towards your challenge.

  • Challenges: How do I join?

    Follow the simple steps below to view all available challenges and join your first one:

    • Open the adidas Running app
    • Tap “Progress” on your tab bar
    • Scroll to “Challenges”
    • Simply tap on a Challenge for an overview – see how many participants are joining, how long the Challenge is running, etc.
    • Ready to push yourself? Just select “Join Challenge”

    Note: Once you’ve joined, your name and rank will appear on the leaderboard and will be visible to all challenge participants.

  • Challenges: The Challenge has already started. Can I still join?

    Yes! You can join the Challenge at any time.

  • Challenges: What happens if I delete my activity?

    If you delete an activity, it will be removed from the Challenge. Once deleted, activities can not be recovered.

  • Challenges: What is a Challenge?

    Challenges will bring out the best in you! Challenges are competitions with a specific mission over a certain timeframe, as defined in the challenge details.

    Once you’ve joined, activities that comply with the challenge rules will be automatically linked and count towards the Challenge. Track your performance and compare it to other users on the leaderboard!

  • Challenges: Where can I give feedback?

    We’d love to hear what you think about the Challenges feature! Let us know your opinion by following the link here. Your input is greatly appreciated!

  • Challenges: Where can I view my progress?

    If you want to view the Challenge progress, please follow these simple steps below:

    • Open thea didas Running app
    • Tap “Progress” on your tab bar
    • Select the appropriate Challenge by sliding through the cards
  • Challenges: Why hasn’t my activity been counted?

    There could be several reasons why your activity has not been counted towards a Challenge. You’ll find a list of the most common reasons below:

    • Your activity does not have a GPS trace
    • You tracked using the incorrect sport type
    • You added your activity manually
    • You edited your activity afterwards
    • You uploaded your activity tracked with your smartwatch to adidas Running after the Challenge finished

    Note: At Runtastic we want to encourage fair play and healthy competition. Therefore we have several mechanisms in place to ensure that only realistic activities will count towards a Challenge. Runtastic reserves the right to blacklist users with suspicious activities from the leaderboard and exclude them from the Challenge.

  • Challenges: Will my name always be displayed on the Leaderboard?

    Challenges include a leaderboard where you can compare your performance with fellow runners. When you join a challenge, your participation, progress, and rank in the leaderboard will be visible to other users.

    Note: If you opt out of the running leaderboard in your privacy settings, your name will no longer be visible.

  • Change My Profile Details

    Follow these simple steps to change your profile details in the adidas Running app:

    • Tap “Profile” on the tab bar
    • Tap the “gear icon” in the top right corner
    • Select “Edit Profile”

    Now you can change your profile settings, e.g. your birthdate, height, weight or email address

  • Change the Activity Type

    Follow these simple steps to change the Activity Setup in the adidas Running app:

    • Tap the Activity Setup icon next to the “Start” button
    • Tap “Activity Type”
    • Select one of the activity types from the list. The most recently used activity types are listed at the top

  • Change Units

    Follow these simple steps to change units in the adidas Running app:

    • Tap the “Profile” tab on the tab bar
    • Tap the “gear icon” in the top right corner
    • Select “Units”
    • Now you can change the units of distance, weight and temperature by tapping each one
  • Connect a Heart Rate Monitor

    The adidas Running app gives you the option of connecting a Heart Rate Monitor so you can record your heart rate during a running session. To connect a Heart Rate Monitor, simply open the Activity Setup by tapping the Activity Setup icon next to the “Start” button and tap “Heart Rate”. 

    Runtastic Heart Rate Combo Monitor

    To connect the Runtastic Heart Rate Combo Monitor, make sure that the Bluetooth of your device is switched on and then put on the Monitor like you would when going for a run.

    Other Monitors

    This option allows you to connect other Heart Rate Monitors. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your HR monitor will work as each device can have different specifications.

    Setting up Heart Rate zones

    The option "Edit your Heart Rate Zones" allows you to customize the Heart Rate Zones to fit your personal values.

  • Connect to MyFitnessPal

    Follow these simple steps to connect the adidas Running app to MyFitnessPal:

    • Tap “Profile” followed by the “gear icon” in the top right corner
    • Select “Partner Accounts”
    • Connect to MyFitnessPal by tapping “Connect”

    If you are having troubles establishing a connection, try the following:

    • Disconnect your account from MyFitnessPal in the settings of the adidas Running app and on Runtastic.com
    • Log out of every involved portal
    • Log in again and try to establish a connection
  • Create an Interval Training

    Follow these steps to create an Interval Training* in the adidas Running app:

    • Tap the Activity Setup icon next to the “Start” button
    • Tap “Select your workout” 
    • Tap “Interval Training”
    • You can now select one of the default trainings or create your own by tapping the “+” in the top right corner
    • Enter a name for your workout
    • Enter a Warm-Up and Cool-Down time
    • Add intervals by tapping the “+” on the left and right side
    • Change the values (distance or time) in the middle by scrolling up or down
    • When you're done, tap “Save” in the top right corner

    To delete a manually added Interval Training, swipe the training in the overview to the left until the red “Delete” button shows up.

    * Interval Trainings are available to you as a Premium Member.

  • Customizing the displayed values

    You can easily customize the values on your main activity screen to meet your needs. For example, you may wish to have “Distance” displayed most prominently during your run. Press and hold on the value you want to change then select one of the values from the list that appears. Now you have successfully changed the value.

    Alternatively, tap the Activity Setup icon next to the "Start" button, then tap “Customize displayed values”. You can then customize the values for both outdoor and indoor activities.

    Note: A maximum of four values can be displayed.

  • Edit an Activity

    In order to edit your activity in the adidas Running app, follow the steps below:

    • Tap the “Progress” tab
    • Your most recent activities will be displayed at the top of the screen. To view your full history, tap “Show more”
    • Tap the activity you wish to edit
    • Open the menu (three dots) at the top right to edit the details
    • Tap “Edit”
    • On the next screen, make changes to your Sport Type, Start Time & Duration, and Distance by tapping each value (the calories will be recalculated automatically*)
    • Additionally you can add your workout notes, take a photo, or choose one from your gallery and record your feeling and the running surface.  
    • Save your changes by tapping “Save” in the top right corner
  • Enable/Disable the Auto Pause Feature

    Follow these simple steps to enable/disable the Auto Pause* feature in the adidas Running app:

    • Tap the Activity Setup icon next to the “Start” button
    • Scroll down and tap “Auto Pause”
    • Toggle the Auto Pause on or off

    * This feature is available to you in the adidas Running app as a Premium Member.

  • Enable/Disable the Voice Coach

    Follow these simple steps to enable/disable the Voice Coach* in the adidas Running app:

    • Tap the Activity Setup icon next to the “Start” button
    • Tap “Voice Coach”
    • Toggle “Voice Coach” on or off

    On this screen, you can decide when you wish to receive the voice feedback, for example after each kilometer, or after you have reached a certain duration. You can also choose your prefered audio language and adjust the volume settings.

  • EU Roaming Regulations 2017

    If you are living and traveling within the EU, you don’t have to give a second thought to telephoning, messaging or surfing the Internet on your phone. This means that you can still use your Runtastic apps while on vacation.

    Which countries no longer have roaming fees?

    All EU countries, as well as Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland. Other countries, such as Switzerland, still apply roaming charges as they always have.

    NoteBefore using adidas Running in any of the affected countries, please make sure to contact your mobile provider to find out more about how this new regulation affects you.