• Add a workout manually

    To add a workout manually in the Runtastic App follow these simple steps:

    • Tap the “Progress” tab
    • Tap “Add an activity manually” directly below “Recent Activities” 
    • Set a duration, distance and start time (the burnt calories are calculated automatically)
    • Save your workout by tapping "Save" in the top right corner
  • Adding/Searching for Friends

    Would you like to add a friend but you are out and about? No problem. Just do it with your Runtastic app.

    There are two ways to reach the “Friends” screen. The first option is to tap “Newsfeed” on the tab bar followed by the icon in the top right corner. The second option is to tap “Profile” on the tab bar and tap “Friends”.

    As soon as you are in the “Friends” screen, you are able to accept or decline friend requests, search for friends or see your current friends.

    Search for friends:

    You can either connect the app to Facebook or your contact list, or tap the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner to search for contacts. As soon as you are connected, possible contacts will be suggested in “People you may know.”

  • Calculation of Dehydration

    The amount of water your body loses during your activity is an approximate calculation based on exertion and calories burned. The calculation also factors in the outdoor temperature and your elevation.

  • Challenge an Existing Activity

    Follow these simple steps to challenge an existing activity* in the Runtastic app:

    • Tap the Activity Setup icon next to the "Start" button
    • Tap “Select your workout”
    • Tap “Challenge an activity”
    • Select one of your previous activities to challenge
    • Start your activity by returning to the Activity screen and pressing “Start”

    * This feature is available to you in the Runtastic PRO app or as a Premium Member.

  • Change My Profile Details

    Follow these simple steps to change your profile details in the Runtastic app:

    • Tap “Profile” on the tab bar
    • Tap the “gear icon” in the top right corner
    • Select “Edit Profile”
    • Now you can change your profile settings, e.g. your birthdate, height or weight

    To change your email address, please visit Runtastic.com.

  • Change the Activity Type

    Follow these simple steps to change the Activity Type in the Runtastic app:

    • Tap the Activity Setup icon next to the "Start" button
    • Tap “Activity Type”
    • Select one of the activity types from the list. The most recently used activity types are listed at the top
  • Change Units

    Follow these simple steps to change units in the Runtastic app:

    • Tap the “Profile” tab on the tab bar
    • Tap the “gear icon” in the top right corner
    • Select “Units”
    • Now you can change the units of distance, weight and temperature by tapping each one
  • Connect a Heart Rate Monitor

    The Runtastic app gives you the option of connecting a Heart Rate Monitor so you can record your heart rate during a running session. To connect a Heart Rate Monitor, simply tap the Activity Setup icon next to the "Start" button followed by “Heart Rate”.

    Runtastic Heart Rate Combo Monitor

    To connect the Runtastic Heart Rate Combo Monitor, make sure that the Bluetooth of your device is switched on and then put on the Monitor like you would when going for a run.

    The option of connecting to the device has been available since Version 4.0 of the app. It works via Bluetooth Smart Technology (Bluetooth 4.0) and is compatible with devices running Android 4.3 or higher (it also works on the Samsung Galaxy S4 device).

     Other Monitors

    This option allows you to connect other Heart Rate Monitors. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your HR monitor will work as each device can have different specifications.

    Setting up Heart Rate zones

    The option "Edit your Heart Rate Zones" allows you to customize the Heart Rate Zones to fit your personal values.

  • Connect my Wearable

    To connect your Wearable with the Runtastic App, follow these simple steps:

    • Tap “Profile” followed by the “gear icon” in the top right corner
    • Select “Runtastic Wearable“
    • Connect to your Wearable by sliding the toggle "Runtastic wearable enabled" to the right


    If you connect your Moment to the Runtastic app, the clock hands will stop at 12 o'clock. Start your workout and the hour hand will show the kilometers / miles covered. The minute hand measures the meters - one full cycle corresponds to 1000m. The progress hand will still show the progress towards your daily goal.

    After an activity such as walking or running, your Me app will show you the values from the Runtastic app which will also be included in your daily statistics.

    Note: Before using your wearable with the Runtastic App it has to be successfully connected with the Me app.

  • Connect to Jawbone UP

    Follow these simple steps to integrate your Runtastic activities in the Jawbone app:

    • Tap the “Profile” tab 
    • Tap the “gear icon” in the top right corner
    • Select "Partner Accounts"
    • Select "Connect" under the Jawbone icon to connect your Runtastic account with the Jawbone app

    You can also add the Runtastic app in the settings of your Jawbone app.

    To guarantee fluent integration, make sure to connect your account with Jawbone in the settings on Runtastic.com, too


    As soon as you are connected to the Jawbone UP, all your new activities will be synced and shown in the newsfeed in your Jawbone app.

    However, synchronization is not possible in the other direction from Jawbone to Runtastic.

  • Connect to MyFitnessPal

    Follow these simple steps to connect the Runtastic app to MyFitnessPal:

    • Tap “Profile” followed by the “gear icon” in the top right corner
    • Select “Partner Accounts”
    • Connect to MyFitnessPal by tapping “Connect”

    If you are having troubles establishing a connection, try the following:

    • Disconnect your account from MyFitnessPal in the settings of the Runtastic app and on Runtastic.com
    • Log out of every involved portal
    • Log in again and try to establish a connection
  • Create an Interval Training

    Follow these steps to create an Interval Training* in the Runtastic app:

    • Tap the Activity Setup icon next to the "Start" button
    • Tap “Select your Workout”
    • Tap “Interval Training”
    • You can now select one of the default trainings or create your own by tapping the “+” in the bottom right corner
    • Enter a name for your workout
    • Enter a Warm-Up and Cool-Down time
    • Add intervals by tapping the “+” at the bottom right of the screen
    • Change the values (distance or time) in the middle by scrolling up or down
    • When you're done, tap the tick in the top right corner

    To delete a manually added Interval Training, long press on the training in the overview and select “Delete Workout”

    * Interval Trainings are available to you in the Runtastic PRO app or as a Premium Member.

  • Customizing the displayed values

    You can easily customize the values on your main activity screen to meet your needs. For example, you may wish to have “Distance” displayed most prominently during your run. Press and hold on the value you want to change then select one of the values from the list that appears. Now you have successfully changed the value.

    Alternatively, tap the Activity Setup icon next to the "Start" button, then tap “Customize displayed values”. You can then customize the values for both outdoor and indoor activities.

    Note: A maximum of four values can be displayed.

  • Download/Use Training Plans

    Follow these simple steps to download and use Training Plans in the Runtastic app:

    • Tap the “Plan” tab
    • Select one of the six different types of Training Plans
    • Choose one of the possible Training Plans for that type (e.g. there are two possible Training Plans for the Bikini Body Prep category)
    • The next view shows you how long the training lasts and who prepared it. By tapping “Select Date,” you can schedule your Training Plan
    • Select your starting date and complete the payment process
    • Now you can start your new Training Plan

    Note: The chosen starting date cannot be changed manually.

  • Enable/Disable LIVE Tracking

    LIVE Tracking allows you to let your friends know that you’re working out at that very moment. With this feature, your friends can cheer you on and motivate you to keep going!

    Follow these simple steps to enable/disable LIVE Tracking in the Runtastic app:

    • Tap the Activity Setup next to the "Start" button
    • Scroll to “Live Tracking” and tap
    • Toggle LIVE Tracking on or off

    Here you will also find additional settings for the LIVE Tracking. You can select to allow cheering and to share the activity in social networks.

  • Enable/Disable the Auto Pause Feature

    Follow these simple steps to enable/disable the Auto Pause* feature in the Runtastic app:

    • Tap the Activity Setup icon next to the "Start" button
    • Scroll down and tap “Auto Pause”
    • Toggle the “Auto Pause” on or off

    * This feature is available to you in the Runtastic PRO app or as a Premium Member.

  • Enable/Disable the Voice Coach

    Follow these simple steps to enable/disable the Voice Coach* in the Runtastic app:

    • Tap the Activity Setup icon next to the "Start" button
    • Select “Voice Feedback”
    • Toggle “Voice Feedback” on or off

    On this screen, you can decide when you wish to receive the voice feedback, for example after each kilometer, or after you have reached a certain duration. You can also choose your prefered audio language and adjust the volume settings.

    * This feature is available to you in the Runtastic PRO app or as a Premium Member.

  • Garmin Connect

    You can now connect your Runtastic Account to your Garmin Connect account. This means that you are able to import activities that you track with your Garmin device into your Runtastic account.


    To connect your Garmin Connect account to your Runtastic account, please follow the steps below:

    • Ensure that your Runtastic app version is at least 7.3.0
    • Tap “Profile” followed by the “gear icon” in the top right corner
    • Choose “Partner Accounts”
    • Select the “Connect” button next to “Garmin Connect”
    • Click on “authorise” to enable Garmin to share data with Runtastic
    • Enter your Garmin log in details

    Once your account is connected, any sports activities that you undertake with your Garmin device, once synced to your Garmin Connect account, will also be imported to your Runtastic account. A push notification will inform you when your activity is available.

    Garmin Supported Devices

    This feature currently supports Forerunner, GPS enabled Vivo models as well as a basic integration with Edge for cyclists. We are, however, working on enabling this feature for as many Garmin devices as possible.

    Which Data gets imported to Runtastic?

    The following data will be imported into Runtastic: Distance, Duration, Pace, Split Times, Elevation*, Calories and Heart Rate. As Garmin Connect is designed differently, certain data such as Heart Rate Zones, Power, Cadence, Steps, Active Minutes and Sleep will not be synced.

    Note: a “multisport session” is synced to Runtastic as separate activities. For example, if you track a Triathlon activity, it will be imported to Runtastic as three separate sessions. (Swimming, Cycling, Running).

    * Once imported into Runtastic, you may notice a difference in the Elevation Values. It is, however, possible to edit these values using the instructions linked here.


    To disconnect your Runtastic account from your Garmin Connect account, please follow the steps below:

    • Tap “Profile” followed by the “gear icon” in the top right corner
    • Choose “Partner Accounts”
    • Select the “Connect” button next to “Garmin Connect”

    Although it will still show as “connected to Runtastic” in Garmin Connect, the connection will no longer be active. If you would like to change this display in your Garmin Connect account, log in with your account details on connect.garmin.com and click Profile > Settings > Account Information.

  • Groups

    Create a Group and Invite Members

    Tap the “Profile” tab and choose “Groups”. Tap the plus sign in the top right corner to create a group. Give your group a name and a description and press “Create” in the top right corner.

    Once the group is created, you can tap on the three dots in the top right corner and “Invite Members”. Your existing Runtastic friends will be listed here. You can add them to your group by tapping the plus next to their name.

    To invite members to your group with a private message, tap “Invite others with a Link”.

    Join/Leave Group

    Tap the “Profile” tab and choose “Groups” to see your pending Group Invitations. Here, you can either accept or decline invitations.   

    To leave a group, open the Group, tap on the three dots in the top right corner and tap “Leave Group”.

    Edit Group Name or Description

    As Group Admin, you can edit the name, description or members of the group at any time. Simply tap on the group you created followed by the three dots in the top right corner. Choose either “Edit Group” or “Edit Members” and make the necessary changes.

    If you wish to remove a member from the group, swipe right on the member’s name and press “Remove”.

    Group Leaderboard

    To access the Groups Leaderboard, follow the steps below:

    • Tap the “Progress” tab
    • Scroll to the “Leaderboard”.
    • Tap “Show more”
    • You can then change the Leaderboard to display just your group instead of all of your Runtastic Friends.

    Alternatively, tap “Profile” followed by “Groups”. Open the desired group and tap “View Group Leaderboard” at the bottom.

    On the Leaderboard, you can compare the kilometers you have run with those of your fellow group members or your Runtastic friends.  

  • Help for GPS Problems on Android Phones

    Most of the new smartphones use a “Smart Manager” or similar kind of power saver, which might block some of the functionality of your apps. For instance, it might cause your app to crash, or interfere with the GPS tracking.

    Follow these steps to deactivate the power saver on your smartphone:


    • Open the phone’s settings and select “Battery”
    • Tap “Detail” in the “App power saving” section
    • Tap one of the Runtastic apps
    • Make sure that “Turned off” is selected  


    • Go to the settings
    • Tap “Power”
    • Tap “Off” to deactivate the power saving mode


    • Go to the settings and select “Power saving”
    • Tap “Protected apps” and select the apps which should not be disabled in the power saving mode


    Most of the other Android phones also use a power saver which can be found in the settings. Please make sure that the Runtastic apps are excluded from the energy saving mode.

  • Info, Tips & Tricks regarding GPS on Android

    If your GPS results appear to be inaccurate or you are not able to get GPS signal please follow these instructions:

    1. Make sure you have installed the latest version of Runtastic
    2. Enable GPS
    3. Go to the device's "Settings"  
    4. Select "Location services" and ensure the "Use GPS satellites" and "Use wireless networks" check boxes are checked ("Use wireless networks" will help reduce the time it takes for your device to obtain a GPS fix).

    Additionally from the "Settings" app, select the "Date and time" item and ensure the "Automatic date and time" and "Automatic time zone" check boxes are checked. GPS and our app rely heavily on an accurate time and time zone. Having your device set to the incorrect time zone or time, may prolong the time taken to obtain a GPS fix, and may result in other inaccuracies in your recorded workout statistics.

    If you are still having GPS issues after the steps above, try these additional steps that are known to resolve almost all issues.

    1.  Restart your phone. Usually holding down the power button and selecting "Restart" will do this on my Android devices. Make sure that you open the app with a direct line to the sky - then wait for the GPS indicator to go green - this may take several minutes.
    2.  Remove and reinstall our app from the "Play Store" app.  It is possible the app did not download to the phone correctly, try deleting/reinstalling the app. Your activity history will be cleared from the device, so make sure that you sync all sessions to Runtastic.com beforehand.

    NOTE: Please make sure that you have synced all session to Runtastic.com beforehand (from the History tab of the app).

    1. Turn off airplane mode before starting your workout.
    2. Before you start tracking your next session, be sure to wait until there is a green GPS signal indicator. If not, open Google maps, then open the Runtastic app and let it search for 2-5 minutes to lock onto a GPS signal.

    Note: If you do experience a weak GPS signal and your activity tracking appears inaccurate, you can edit your session manually on Runtastic.com afterwards. Also due to the different built-in GPS receivers in each smartphone we can’t guarantee exact tracking results. When starting an activity please try to avoid the following areas:

    • High buildings
    • Deep forests
    • Areas where it's very cloudy
    • Huge amounts of water like lakes, sea etc

    If you end up in these areas above this can affect your GPS signal during your activity.

    Be aware that just because the some map apps like Google Maps, may show your location on the map, this does not mean that the device's GPS is functioning properly or that a GPS fix has been obtained. The data used to show your location on the map may be based on cellular network or Wi-Fi signals.

    It may be also that your phone has three different modes for location services, “High accuracy” , “Power Saving” or “Device Only”.  If this is the case, always select “High accuracy” to enable your phone to use the GPS and your phones’s network to retrieve the location points.

  • Is additional payment needed when reinstalling the app?

    If you have already purchased an app via the App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store etc. You don’t have to pay for the app again if you reinstall the app on another device, or after a reset of a device. Just make sure that you use the same store account.

    Note: If you switch from operating system e.g. iOS to Android, then a reinstall without additional costs isn't possible.

  • Language settings

    The language of our Runtastic Apps is the same as the system language of your Android-Phone. If your system language is e.g. German, the Runtastic Apps will also be shown in german language. 

    How to change the language of your Android-Phone:

    Go to the settings and choose "Language and input" within the section "Personal". Tap "Language" and choose one of the listed languages. Your smartphone updates to the chosen language. Therefore the Runtastic Apps update their languages too. 

  • Log In and Log Out of the App

    Log in

    When starting the app for the very first time you will be greeted by several info screens. Simply skip them by swiping to the left until you come to the login screen.

    If you already have a Runtastic account, select “Log in” and enter your email address and password. Then, tap the “Log in” button again.

    If you do not have an account* yet, you can create one by tapping “Sign Up” Simply provide us with a few bits of information, like your email address, and tap “Join.”

    You will be asked to provide some additional information, which will allow the app to calculate Calories Burned more accurately. Now tap “Save.” Congratulations! You have just created your Runtastic account.

    You can also log in using the “Sign in with Google+” “Sign in with Facebook” button, which is also located on the login screen. If you do not have a Runtastic account yet, you can create one at this time.

    Log out

    To log out of the app, tap “Profile” followed by the “gear icon” in the top right hand corner. Select “Log out” at the bottom of the screen.

    *It is now mandatory to have an account to use Runtastic. There are many benefits of having a Runtastic account. Most importantly, it enables us to safeguard your activity statistics. This means that even if you lose your phone or change devices, you won’t lose your data! However, be assured that your data is never shared with third parties.

  • Manually Set the Heart Rate Zones

    You can customize the Heart Rate Zones in the Runtastic app. To do so, follow these simple steps:

    • Tap the Activity Setup icon next to the "Start" button
    • Select "Heart Rate"
    • Tap “Edit your Heart Rate Zones”
    • To change the values of the individual zones, tap the current value
    • Save your changes by using the go back arrow at the top left

    If you choose a resting heart rate or a maximum heart rate at the top, the values of the other zones will change automatically as well.  

    *This option is available to you in the Runtastic PRO app or as a Premium Member.

    Which zone is the best for me?

    Easy: If you are a beginner or have not exercised in a while, use the easy zone. This zone will increase your fitness levels and burn fat as well.

    Fat Burning: If your aim is endurance training, use the fat burning zone. This zone will help improve the supply of energy to the working muscles. Your heart will benefit and stored body fat will be burned.

    Aerobic: If you want to increase your cardiovascular capacity and your pace, the aerobic zone is right for you. Here you will improve your muscle strength and continue to burn stored body fat.

    Anaerobic: If increasing your anaerobic threshold (AT) is what you want, use the anaerobic zone. Training in this zone will delay the point (AT) where your body cannot remove lactic acid from the working muscles quickly enough.

    Red Line: Do not train in the red line zone unless you are a serious athlete. Here you will increase your pace and develop speed, but be careful! You should only train in this zone for short intervals.

  • Music Player

    Start your music from your favorite music player directly in the Runtastic app.

    To do so, open the “Activity” tab in your Runtastic app. Tap the music note icon on the bottom left of the screen.

    Tap “Open Player” to select your player of choice or tap “Google Play Music” to use this music player.

    The player will automatically open and you can start your music. Go back to the Runtastic app - now you have the option to switch through the song titles directly in the app.

    Tap the small arrow in the upper right corner to open the music player or tap the icon in the upper left corner to switch to another music player.

    Additionally, you can open playlists directly in the app when using Google Play Music. Tap the second button in the upper right corner to do so.

  • My Leaderboard in the Runtastic App

    The Leaderboard shows you how many kilometers/miles you have run compared to your friends.

    To view the Leaderboard, tab the “Progress” tab and scroll to the “Leaderboard”. Alternatively, go to the “Profile” tab and access the Leaderboard here.

    Tap “Show more” and your current position will be displayed. The person who ran the most will be displayed at the top of the list and right beneath that you will find your kilometers/miles and your position on the Leaderboard.

    You can change the timeframe at the top by tapping the current one (e.g. “This month”). Choose between “Previous month”, “This week”, “Previous week” or keep “This month” by tapping the preferred view.

  • New EU Roaming Regulations 2017

    From 15th June 2017, the EU will abolish mobile roaming fees!

    If you are living and traveling within the EU, you don’t have to give a second thought to telephoning, messaging or surfing the Internet on your phone. This means that you can still use your Runtastic apps while on vacation.

    Purchase and download Training Plans and Story Runs, enable LIVE tracking, sync your activities with Runtastic.com without worrying about any surprise extra charges.

    Which countries no longer have roaming fees?

    All EU countries, as well as Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland. Other countries, such as Switzerland, still apply roaming charges as they always have.

    Note: Before using Runtastic in any of the affected countries, please make sure to contact your mobile provider to find out more about how this new regulation affects you.

  • Privacy Settings

    Follow the steps below to edit your Privacy Settings:

    • Tap the “Profile” tab followed by the “gear icon”
    • Tap “Privacy
    • Here you can control who views the information that you share with Runtastic by selecting either “Everybody” (all Runtastic users), “Friends” (your Runtastic friends) or “Only me”.

    My Profile: Settings related to all the data you have added to your Profile (via Settings > Profile). It includes the following information:

    General Information (birthday, gender, height, address, family status)
    Reason and Motivation (sports level, your goals, your motivation)
    Education and Job
    Contact Information
    If you select the “Only me” privacy setting, only your first and last name will be visible to other users.

    Activity: Settings related to all the data on your activities including information like Maps, Distance, Time, Pace, Calories etc. Selecting “Only me” means that your activities will only be visible to you and will not appear in your friends’ News Feed.

    Maps: Settings related to the maps from your GPS-tracked sessions. If “Only me” is selected and a user navigates to the Details page of your activity, a message will be displayed instead of your map. The map will also not be displayed in the News Feed.

    Photos: Settings related to all the photos (both profile picture and photos of your activities) you have posted in the app. Any photos that you post will not be visible to other users if the “Only me” option is selected.

    Web News Feed: Settings related to all your information displayed on Runtastic.com that keeps others up to date (LIVE activities, new sports activities, status updates). If your Privacy Settings are set to “Only me”, your friends will not receive updates on your activities in their News Feed.

    Routes: Settings related to all the information about routes created or imported from activities. If you do not wish to share your routes with your friends anymore, they will not receive any updates when you create a new route.

    Training Plans: Settings related to all the training plans you are currently using or have purchased. If you do not want your Training Plans to be visible to other users, select “Only Me”

    At the bottom of the page, you can choose whether to join the Steps/Running Leaderboards.

  • Push Notifications

    Your progress is important to us and we want to keep you motivated! Push notifications keep you informed and motivated directly on your phone.about LIVE activities of your friends, received or accepted friend requests or when a Facebook friend of yours joins Runtastic.

    Follow these simple steps to edit the Push Notifications settings in the Runtastic app:

    • Tap the “Profile” tab at the bottom
    • Tap the “gear icon” in the top right corner to reach “Settings”
    • Tap “Notifications”
    • Select which Notifications you would like to receive