• Cancel your Subscription

    When you purchase your Premium Membership, your membership is set to automatic renewal, which means that your Premium Membership will renew automatically at the end of the current period.

    If you purchased your Premium Membership through Runtastic.com, you can view or change the status of your Premium Membership in your “Membership” settings on Runtastic.com at any time by following the steps below:

    • Login to your account on Runtastic.com
    • Click on “Home” in order to get to the settings
    • Select “Membership”
    • Click on “Manage your Account” to unfold the drop-down menu
    • Locate “Cancel Subscription” and click on it
    • Confirm the cancellation by clicking “Yes, Cancel My Subscription” in the popup window.

    Canceling your Premium Membership means that the automatic renewal will be disabled, but you will still have access to all your Premium features for the remaining time of your current Membership period.

    Purchased your Premium Membership through the App Store or the Google Play Store?

    For instructions on how to cancel your Premium Membership purchased on the Google Play Store or iTunes, click on this article.

  • What is the Premium Membership?

    The adidas Runtastic Premium Membership is a paid, premium subscription that offers a wide range of benefits across the adidas Runtastic app portfolio.

    There are two kinds of adidas accounts:

    Basic Membership: This is the account you get when you sign up on Runtastic.com and is the account you can enjoy without a Premium Membership.

    Premium Membership: This is our premium, paid account. This account is offered on a membership basis and offers basic account features, plus additional benefits and features, which are available exclusively to Premium Members.

  • What are the cancellation deadlines?

    You can cancel your membership at any time, but it’s best to give us at least 7 days notice so we can process your request in time.

    You can find and edit the current status of your Premium Membership in the Settings on Runtastic.com by following the steps in this article.