• Membership Status

    You can view or change your Premium Membership status in your profile settings on Runtastic.com. You do not have to delete your account to change / cancel your Premium Membership.

    Please visit the following link in order to see all the benefits of Premium Membership: Benefits

  • What is the Premium Membership?

    The Runtastic Premium Membership is a paid, premium subscription that offers a wide range of benefits across the Runtastic Portfolio.

    There are two kinds of Runtastic accounts:

    Basic Membership: This is the free account you get when you sign up on Runtastic.com and is the account you can enjoy without a Runtastic Premium Membership.

    Premium Membership: This is our premium, paid account. This account is offered on a subscription basis and offers basic account features, plus additional benefits and features, which are available exclusively to Runtastic Premium Members.

    You can also find information on the differences here.

  • What are the cancellation deadlines?

    You can cancel your membership at any time, but it’s best to give us at least 7 days notice so we can process your request in time.

    You can find and edit the current status of your Premium Membership in the Settings on Runtastic.com.