• Balance App: Fadeout

    We want to provide you with an awesome app experience, no matter which of our apps you use. That’s why we are focusing our energy and work on the apps and products where we see the greatest potential.

    We wanted to let you know that we’ve decided to stop supporting the Balance app. This means that we’ve taken the app off the market, that there won’t be any more app updates, and the app is no longer functioning. On April 28th, 2020 we sent you a final reminder per email that we will no longer update the following apps: GPS Watch, Steps, Balance, and the Libra app.

    It is no longer possible to login to the Balance app. 

    We would love to continue to support you on your health and fitness journey! To continue working out with us, download the adidas Running and/or the adidas Training app. You will find plenty of features and functions to keep your training fun, exciting and effective.

  • New Feature: What is the Nutrition Rating?

    The Nutrition Rating provides you with an easy-to-understand color code that shows the quality of your foods. This helps you form new, positive eating habits.

    It marks foods with one of the three color-coded labels based on their quality:

    • Recommended (green) – Suitable for daily consumption
    • Okay (yellow) – Suitable for occasional consumption
    • Discouraged (red) – Suitable for minimal consumption

    It is based on a machine learning model that includes reviews of more than 10,000 different foods, checked independently by dietitians.


    What criteria are used for the Nutrition Rating?

    When you click on a specific food, you see a list of the nutrients the food is high in. The list considers the following nutrients:

    • Nutrients you should eat often: protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals (per 100 cal)
    • Nutrients you should not eat too much of: saturated fat, sugar and sodium (per 100 g)

    What does "high in" mean?

    The Nutrition Rating marks all foods with an above-threshold amount of listed nutrients.

    Here are some examples. If the food has…

    • …more than 5 g of protein per 100 cal it is “high in protein” and you will see protein listed under the Nutrition Rating label
    • …more than 22.5 g of sugar per 100 g it is “high in sugar” and you will see sugar listed under the Nutrition Rating label
    • …more than 5 g of saturated fat per 100 g it is “high in saturated fat” and you will see saturated fat listed under the Nutrition Rating label
    • …more than 3 g of fiber per 100 cal it is “high in fiber” and you will see fiber listed under the Nutrition Rating label

    The nutrients are marked with colored dots according to their quality:


    Keep in mind: The Nutrition Rating is based on a single serving size and does not take into account your special dietary needs (allergies, preferences, nutrition plan…). This tool gives you an idea of the nutrient quality of the foods you choose, regardless of your individual plan (e.g. choosing a Keto diet plan won’t change the rating). For a balanced diet adjust the amounts of food you eat according to your caloric expenditure.


  • Copy a Previously Tracked Meal

    No matter what you’re having for breakfast today – same thing as yesterday and the day before, or last night’s leftovers – no problem. Simply copy the entire contents of a previously tracked meal from one day to another using the steps below:

    • Open the Balance app
    • Tap “Diary” on your tab bar
    • Swipe through your previous entries until you’ve located the meal you would like to copy
    • Tap directly on the meal to bring up an overview of the tracked items
    • Tap “Copy Meal”

    The meal will be automatically assigned to today’s diary. However, if you wish to copy the meal to an alternate day, tap “Today” next to the calendar icon, select your preferred date, then tap “OK”.

    You also have the option to search for and add further items to your meal, or to remove certain items, by tapping the cross button.

    When you are ready to copy your meal, tap “Done.”

  • Personal Plan in the Balance App

    The Personal Plan allows you to specify your preferred daily calorie allowance, along with your ideal ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fat!

    To create your Personal Plan in the Balance app, follow the short steps below:

    • Open the Balance app
    • Tap “Plans” on your tab bar
    • Scroll down to “Additional Plans”
    • Select “Personal Plan”
    • Select “Create Plan”
    • If you wish to customize your daily calorie allowance before adjusting your macronutrients, tap the pencil icon next to your total daily allowance.


    Each color on the slider represents a different macronutrient. (carbohydrates, protein, and fat)

    • Move the slider to the left or right to adjust your intake of each macronutrient
    • To return to the default ratio, tap “Recommended Ratio” at any time
    • Once you are satisfied with your macronutrient ratio, tap “Start”

    You can reconfigure your plan at any time by tapping “Edit” in the Plans tab.

  • Add Fitness Activities Manually in Balance

    If you forgot to track your fitness activity or want to add one manually, no problem! You can do that directly in the Balance app. This way you can see the calories burned reflected in your daily calorie allowance. Follow the simple steps below:

    • Tap “Diary” and scroll down to “Burned Calories”
    • Tap “Add Fitness Activity”
    • Choose your activity type (Tap the three dots to access more options)
    • Enter in the calories, duration, distance, and time of your activity
    • Tap the check mark in the top right corner

    Made a mistake and wish to delete the activity that you’ve added?  Simply swipe left on the activity and tap the delete icon. 

  • Tracking Fitness Activities in Balance

    When you track a fitness activity with your favorite adidas Runtastic app, the calories you burned will automatically sync to Balance. This means your daily calorie allowance will be updated and you’ll have an overview of all your burned and consumed calories in one handy place!

    How does it work?

    • Just track your fitness activities using one of the compatible apps* in the adidas Runtastic Portfolio
    • The calories you burn during the activity will be automatically imported into the Balance app and your total daily calorie allowance will be adjusted accordingly

    For example, if your daily calorie allowance is 2000 calories and you’ve burned 200 calories during a running activity tracked with the adidas Running app, your daily calorie allowance will increase to 2200 for the corresponding day.   

    Where can I view my burned calories in the Balance app?

    Tap “Diary” to view your burned calories, which will be displayed just below your remaining calorie allowance for the day.

    Scroll down to just beneath your food entries to view your completed sports activity for the day along with how many calories you burned during this activity.

    If your activity is not displayed in the Balance app, please follow the steps below:

    1. Ensure that your Balance app is updated to the latest version available in the Google Play Store
    2. Make sure that you are logging in with the same account details to all adidas Runtastic apps.

    *The following apps will synchronize burned calories with the Balance app: adidas Running app, adidas Training app, Road / Mountain Bike app, Fitness app Collection (Push-Ups, Squats, Pull-Ups, Sit-Ups), Six Pack Leg, Trainer, Butt Trainer

  • Customize Your Daily Calorie Allowance

    The Balance app calculates a suitable daily calorie allowance for you based on the information you provide in the app. However, you have the option to change this manually. Follow these simple steps to change your calorie allowance:

    • Navigate to the “Profile” tab
    • Tap “Edit” next to your displayed calorie allowance
    • Move the bar to the left or the right until you have set your desired daily calorie allowance
    • Tap “Save”

    As balance is key to achieving your health goals, it is important to ensure that you’re not setting your daily calorie allowance too low or too high. The colors on the bar indicate whether the allowance chosen is in a healthy range for you.

    If you wish to allow the app to calculate your allowance for you once again, just enable the toggle next to “Recommended for you” followed by "Save". 

  • Add Calories Manually

    Having trouble finding the exact item you are looking for in the Balance app? Or perhaps you want to quickly add the calories from your favourite recipe to your food diary? No worries! As long as you know how many calories are in the product, you can add the item manually to your diary using these simple steps:

    • Access the search screen, either through the “+” symbol next to each meal in the “Diary” tab or by tapping  the “+”  on the bottom bar
    • Tap “Add Calories” just below the search bar
    • Enter a name for your product (even add an emoji if you wish to)
    • Add the number of calories
    • Tap the tick icon and the item will be added to your food diary

    Note: Your calorie total will adjust accordingly but macronutrients will not be affected.


  • Tracking Runtasty Recipes

    Already using the delicious recipes in our Runtasty app? You can quickly add these to your diary in the Balance app. The calories and macronutrients are already calculated for you! Simply type in “Runtasty” or the full recipe title from the app in the search and it will pop right up.

  • Using the Barcode Scanner

    Simply tap the barcode icon in the search bar to launch the scanner. Make sure the entire barcode is behind the camera and hold the phone steady until the item is recognized.

    Note: When using the barcode scanner for the first time, you will need to allow the app to access your phone’s camera.

    If you are unable to find a food item using the barcode scanner, check first that the region in your phone settings matches the country you are searching in. You could also try typing the food item directly in the search bar instead of scanning the barcode.

  • News Feed

    Fitness and a healthy diet go hand in hand. The News Feed allows you to stay connected with your fitness friends, get motivated by their progress in any of our adidas Runtastic apps and gain extra accountability knowing that your friends can see when you are (or are not) doing your workouts.

    Periodically, we will include some amazing content from our experts on the adidas Runtastic blog. Get a boost of motivation, training tips or healthy recipes directly in your News Feed when you need it most.

  • Defining Your Goal

    When you open the app for the first time, we will ask you for some simple data about yourself, including height, weight, age and gender. We will also ask you what your goal is, for example, to lose weight, gain weight or simply eat healthy. If you choose to lose or gain weight, we will also ask you to specify your target weight. You will then be provided with a suitable daily calorie recommendation along with a suggested calorie intake for each meal.  The daily suggested amount of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat) will also be displayed in the app.

  • Tracking Food in Your Diary

    Simply tap “Diary” on the bottom bar to see your calorie and macronutrient (carbohydrates, protein and fat) recommendation for the day and the suggested calorie intake for each meal. The “+” symbol next to each meal (e.g. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks) will take you to the search bar where you can search for and add foods to your diary. Alternatively, the “+”  on the bottom bar will bring you directly to the search bar.

    Once you have selected the correct food and portion size, tap the tick icon in the top right corner.  Continue adding the foods and drinks until your meal is complete, then tap the tick icon in the top left corner to save the items to your diary.

    To see the details of your food diary for a previous day, simply swipe right. If you would like to plan ahead, you can add food items for each meal for the next seven days by swiping left. Alternatively, tap on the calendar at the top right corner to quickly view a specific day.

  • Searching for a Food Item

    To search for a food or drink in the Balance app, simply type the name of the item in the search bar. You can reach the search bar by tapping the “+” symbol next to each meal or the “+” on the bottom bar. Choose the relevant item to view more details such as serving size and nutrition facts. Once you have selected the correct food and portion size, tap “Add” in the top right corner.

    Tip: You don’t have to search each time for foods you eat on a regular basis as your favorite foods will automatically appear on the search screen!

    Alternatively, you can use the handy barcode scanner to track your food. See here for help with this feature.

  • Deleting a Food Item

    Made a mistake and want to remove a food item from your diary? Just tap on the meal (for example, Breakfast) to bring up an overview of the foods you tracked. Tap on the item you wish to delete and then on the three dots in the top right corner. Tap “Delete” and the item will be removed.

  • Choosing a Serving Size

    Once you have tapped a food item to view more details, you will see a green measuring bar. You can adjust your serving size by moving this bar until it is at your desired amount.

    Similarly, to change the serving unit (for example, from “cups” to “grams”) move the serving scale just beneath.

    There are a variety of ways to select and determine portion sizes in Balance. Common measuring containers (cups, mugs, etc.) are an option for things like nuts or grains. For fruits and vegetables, you will find sizes like small, medium and large, as well as parts of the whole, like a slice of avocado or an apple ring. Standard units of measurement for weight and volume are always available. While you’re still getting used to food tracking, measuring and weighing foods will help you develop a feel for portion sizes in the future!

  • Nutrition Plans

    Whether you want to improve your stamina, discover newfound energy and motivation, or simply form healthy, balanced eating habits, you will automatically be assigned a plan to help make your goals a reality.

    Try out a nutrition plan today like Energy Boost, Weight Loss or Healthy Balance by tapping “Plans” and make your way towards a healthier you.

    You have the option to change your nutrition plan at any time and try out a different one! Changing the plan will automatically update the recommended macronutrients in your diary.

    In addition, your nutrition plan contains a list of Do’s and Don’ts to guide you towards a balanced diet and "Must-Haves" for your pantry in order to easily reach your goal.

  • Change Your Goal

    Your goals may change while you are tracking with the Balance app. For example, you may have reached your target weight and now wish to maintain your current weight. To change your goal in the app, simply follow these steps:

    • Tap “Diary”
    • Ensure you are viewing today’s entries
    • Scroll to the bottom
    • Tap on the three dots on the right side
    • Tap “Change Goal”
    • Make the necessary changes
    • Tap “Update Goal”
  • Update Your Weight

    You have the option to update your Weight in case it changes while tracking with the Balance app. To do so, simply follow these steps:

    • Tap “Diary”
    • Ensure you are viewing today’s entries
    • Scroll to the bottom
    • Tap “Update Weight”
    • Make the necessary changes
    • Tap “OK” to save
  • Change Profile Details

    Follow these simple steps to change your profile details in the Balance app:

    • Tap “Profile” at the bottom
    • Tap the “gear” icon in the top right corner
    • Select “Profile”
    • Now you can change your profile settings, e.g. your birthdate, height or weight
  • Change Units

    Follow these simple steps to change the units in the Balance app:

    • Tap “Profile” at the bottom
    • Tap the “gear” icon to get to “Settings”
    • Select “Units”
    • Now you can change the distance and weight units by tapping them
  • Push Notifications

    Your progress is important to us and we want to help you stay on track! Push notifications keep you informed and motivated directly on your phone.

    Follow these simple steps to edit the Push Notifications settings in the Balance app:

    • Tap “Profile” at the bottom
    • Tap the “gear icon” to get to “Settings”
    • Tap “Notifications”
    • Select which Notifications you would like to receive