• Group Leaderboard

    There are two ways to access the Group Leaderboard:

    • Open Runtastic.com, click “Leaderboard” in the menu on the left and choose the group on the top right instead of “Friends”.
    • Open Runtastic.com, click “My Groups” in the menu on the left, choose the group and then click “Leaderboard”.

    On the Leaderboard, you can compare the kilometers you ran with those of your friends or other group members.

  • Change Group Name or Description

    To change the Group Name or Description, open the settings of the group. Change name and description in the Basic Settings.

    To remove group members, open the “Member Settings” and click “Remove” next to the user’s name.

    The settings are only available for the Group Admin.

  • Join/Leave Group

    You can find all your group invites at Runtastic.com under “My Groups”. Click the tick to accept the invite or the “x” to decline it.

    To leave a group, click “Settings” and “Leave Group”. If you created the group, you cannot leave it.

  • Create a Group and Invite Members

    To create a group, go to Runtastic.com and click “My Groups” in the menu on the left. Click “Create Group” on the right and enter a Group Name and Group Description and click again “Create Group”.

    After that you are able to invite other users and friends to your group. Just click the button “Invite Members” and share the link with your friends. You can also directly invite Runtastic users by clicking the plus next to the name.