• Meaning of the Recipe’s Symbols

    The symbols give you an overview of the nutrition facts of this recipe. You can see right away if it is meat, high-protein, post-workout, dairy-free or similar.

    The following list will give you an explanation of the symbols:


  • How To Videos

    The How To videos offer an introduction to basic cooking knowledge. You learn how to cut an onion, an avocado or how to boil eggs in the oven.

  • Search for a Recipe

    To search for a recipe, just enter an ingredient or recipe name at the top. All the matching recipes will show up.

    Alternatively, you can tap one or more of the following categories: meat, fish & seafood, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, sugar-free, high-carb, post-workout, high-protein, easy, ready in 15 min, ready in 30 min, less than 200 kcal, 200-400 kcal, 400-600 kcal, 600-800 kcal, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack.

  • Add/Remove Favorite Recipes

    See something delicious you just have to try? Used a recipe you know you’ll make again and again? Just add it to your favorites by tapping the heart on the image. You can then access it anytime via the “Favorites” tab.

    To remove a favorite recipe, tap the heart on the image again.

  • Delete the Recipe Videos

    Go to your profile and tap “Delete all videos” to delete the videos of the recipes.