adiClub: Important Information about Switching Countries

As the adiClub offer is region-specific and not yet available in all countries, it is important to understand some of the scenarios that go along with making changes to the country you have listed in your profile. 

Firstly, please note: if adiClub is not yet available in the country you have listed in your profile, it will not be possible to switch the country to one that already has adiClub available there. There are a few reasons for this (both legal and technical), and we therefore cannot allow for this kind of change to be made. That being said: in the event that you end up moving to another country where adiClub has already been rolled out, we recommend creating a brand new adidas Runtastic account with the new country listed, exporting your existing adidas Runtastic account data via, and then importing this data into the new account.

Secondly, please note: if your account already has adiClub and you attempt to switch the country to one that does not currently have adiClub available, this will also not be possible. It is only possible to change the account country from one adiClub region to another. For example: changing from the United States to the United Kingdom will be possible as they are both adiClub countries. Furthermore, please also note that when you change between two adiClub countries, the points do not transfer over. In the example scenario with the United States and United Kingdom, the points earned in the United States will stay there, the points for the UK will be set to 0 (assuming you haven’t earned any adiclub points there yet) and if you wish to change back to the United States, they will still be there. 

We plan to bring more countries into adiClub over time. Thus, in the event that your current country does not have the adiClub offer, be on the lookout for future updates from adidas Runtastic as this could be subject to change! In any event, you will be informed accordingly should we open this offer up to your region.

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