New Challenge: Run Wild with Gaia

Run to reconnect. Run to protect. Join the Run Wild challenge in the adidas Running app. 

Can you keep up with Gaia, a wild, GPS-tracked mountain lion roaming the Pacific Northwest? Check her stats daily to see if you can cover more ground. 

Let's reconnect with the great outdoors and discover why these fragile mountain ecosystems are worth protecting. #RunWild

Start: September 24, 2021

End: October 3, 2021

While the Challenge actively starts on September 24, you can join the Challenge  starting on September 13, 2020

If you happen to join the Challenge at a later stage, don’t worry—your activities will be linked retroactively.

This is a Running and Walking Challenge, which means all running, trail running, treadmill, wheelchair, walking, hiking and virtual running activities count toward the completion of this challenge

Make sure you're tracking your progress using the adidas Running app, using a partner account, or with a third-party device that syncs with adidas Running.

Learn about the human impact on wild spaces and why we Run Wild to help protect fragile ecosystems here. (Link to 2021 hub/Blog) 

Run Wild and Win:

Accept the terms and conditions and participate in the Challenge to enter for the chance to win great prizes!*

Note: If you are a member of the Creators Club, you will receive 100pts for successfully completing the Challenge. (Not confirmed)

*Only  applies to participants joining from Canada, Russia, France, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, the US and Spain.

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