What is the difference between a Private and a Public Profile?

You can choose either a Public Profile or Private Profile. Below you'll find the differences between them:  

Private Profile:

  • No auto-accept: You have to accept or decline your follow requests. 
  • Private access: Detailed profile information is hidden from other users by default. Depending on other privacy settings, some data might be visible to others. 
  • If another user wants to see your follower/following list, they can only do this if they follow you. The number of your followers and users you are following is visible to anyone.

Public Profile:

  • Auto-accept: You no longer have to accept follow requests. If another user wants to follow you, their request is accepted automatically.
  • Public access: Your profile information is visible to everyone within the adidas Running and Training apps, even if they don't follow you yet. This includes your Follower/Following list, statistics, records, AR information, and connections. You can still change your privacy settings separately in the general privacy settings

You can switch between Private or Public Profile in your profile settings at any time:

  • Open the adidas Running app
  • Go to "Profile"
  • Tap on "View Full Profile" 
  • Tap on Private or Public Profile underneath "Edit profile"
  • On the next screen, you can choose whether you would like to have a Private or Public profile.
  • Once you select an option, the checkmark will indicate your selection
  • You can now save the change by confirming.

Note: All of your pending follower requests will be automatically approved if you switch from a Private to Public Profile. You can switch between a Private and Public Profile at any time.

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