!Runtastic GPS Watch: Fadeout

We want to provide you with an awesome app experience, no matter which of our apps you use. That’s why we are focusing our energy and work on the apps and products where we see the greatest potential.

We wanted to let you know that we’ve decided to stop supporting the Runtastic GPS Watch and Runtastic Connect.

Runtastic Connect will lose all of its functionality, which means that you can no longer connect it to the Runtastic GPS Watch. 

On April 28th, 2020 we sent you a final reminder per email that we will no longer update the following apps:

GPS Watch, Steps, Balance, and the Libra app.

The last sessions that you have tracked with the GPS watch can be manually added via the adidas Running app:

  • Open the adidas Running app
  • Select the Progress tab
  • Tap on Manually add an activity
  • Fill in the necessary data from your completed activity 
  • Select Save

From now on you can track your activities with the adidas Running app on your phone.

In this Help Center we share some information about which smartwatches you can use in combination with the adidas Running app.  



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