Story Running

Are you looking for something to keep you focused and motivated during your run, but you don’t feel like listening to your same old workout playlist again and again? 

 Why not check out one of our Story Runs?  

Story Runs are like audiobooks that will guide, coach or simply entertain you during your runs and workouts. 

We currently have 24 different Story Runs available for you to choose from. You can download them in either English or German. 

Check out our Story Runs below:


“Run to Reconnect” (Female voice)

“Run to Reconnect” (Male voice)

“Running for Results” 

“Pushing the Limit”

“Start from Scratch”

“Finding your Fast”

“Refocus Your Run”

“Make Running a Habit”


“The Tetradome Run I” 

“The Tetradome Run II” 

“The Tetradome Run III” 

“Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: A Runner’s Destiny”


“The Carrier of Truth I” 

“The Carrier of Truth II” 

“The Carrier of Truth III” 


“Your Journey to Weight Loss I”

“Your Journey to Weight Loss II”

“Toward the Starting Line”


“The City is our Gym”

“Moments of Bliss”

“The Globe Runner” 


“Journey of Iomluath”


 “Run Wild: The elusive Snow Leopard”

“Back to the Oceans” 

“Wings For Life World Run”

Want to know how to start a Story Run on your device? Follow the simple instructions here

Story Runs are included for Premium Members and available for purchase for non-Premium Members. 

Note: Once you begin a Story Run, you cannot change it during the same activity. Be sure you choose the right Story Run before you get started.

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