Privacy Settings

Your Privacy Settings can be edited by opening the app and going to Profile > Settings > Privacy or by going to Settings > Privacy. On this page, you can adjust the visibility of different data groups.

If you select the “Nobody” privacy setting, only your first and last name will be visible.

Activity: Settings related to all the data on your activities including information like Maps, Distance, Time, Pace, Calories etc. If you restrict your Privacy Settings, certain users will not be able to see any of your activities since the “Activities” tab will be hidden. If you block your friends from following your activities, they will not appear in their News feed anymore.

News feed: Settings related to all the information displayed on your wall (LIVE activities, new sports activities, status updates) that keeps others up to date. If your Privacy Settings are set to “Nobody”, your friends will not receive updates on your activities in their News feed.

Maps of activities: Settings related to the maps from your GPS tracking sessions. If a blocked user opens the Details page of your activity, a message will be displayed instead of your map. Also, the status update for your activity will be shown as though there were no map information for this activity. 

Photos: Settings related to all the photos (both profile picture and photos of your activities) you have uploaded to The “Photos” tab will be hidden from blocked users.

Sports statistics: Settings related to all the statistics on your activities, like graphs, overall statistics, training history, performance progress, training habits, and personal records. All your statistics as well as the “Statistics” tab will be hidden from blocked users.

Training plans: Settings related to all the training plans you are currently using or have purchased. The “Training Plans” tab will be hidden from blocked users.


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