Personal Goals

While you could already set your Yearly Running Goal in the adidas Running app, you have now also the possibility to set yourself Personal Goals for the day, week, month, year or a goal that should be reached at a certain date*. Your Goals can be set as recurring goals or just as one time motivations.

Follow these simple steps to set your goal for the first time:

  • Tap the “Progress” tab
  • Scroll down to "My Goals" 
  • Click on “Add Goal”
  • You can set Personal Goals for the sport types Running, Walking, Hiking, Cycling and Exercise*.

Once you select the Sports type, you’ll need to choose your Goal attributes such as duration, distance, and frequency. 

Recurring goals can be set to be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. While non-recurring goals can be set from the current date up to 3 years in the future. 

Once a Personal Goal is set it will also be displayed in your Progress Tab under “My Goals”. Here you also have a more detailed overview of your current Goals such as the remaining amount of kilometers and the remaining time period that you have set.

Once you track an activity that matches your Personal Goal criteria your Personal Goal will be updated to show you your current process accurately. 

Delete or end a Goal:

If you want to delete one of your current goals, simply follow the easy steps below:

  • Tap the “Progress” tab
  • Scroll down to "Your Goals" 
  • Tap on “Show all” 
  • Click on the three little dots next to the goal you would like to remove 
  • Choose “delete” or "end" your goal

Want to inspire your followers and family with your progress? Share your Goal on social media and let your followers and family be part of your success.

*all activities tracked get counted to exercise

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