Challenges: How do I ensure that my activity counts?

Once you’ve joined, activities that comply with the challenge rules will be automatically linked and counted towards the challenge – there’s nothing you need to do manually.

In order to ensure that your activity is linked to the Challenge, the following criteria must be set:

  • Your activity must have a GPS trace (unless otherwise specified in the Challenge details)*
  • Your activity must be tracked using the correct sport type for the Challenge (e.g Running)
  • Your activity must be tracked while the Challenge is active (the start and end time are always in your local time zone)

If you track your activities with a smartwatch, please see the article linked here for more information.

In order to promote fair play we have a few fraud prevention parameters in place, your activity may not count if any of the following parameters are exceeded or not met: 

  • Average, minimum & maximum pace
  • Maximum speed 
  • Maximum distance
  • Maximum duration

*If you edit an activity after completion, it will not count towards your Challenge.

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