Copy a Previously Tracked Meal

No matter what you’re having for breakfast today – same thing as yesterday and the day before, or last night’s leftovers – no problem. Simply copy the entire contents of a previously tracked meal from one day to another using the steps below:

  • Open the Balance app
  • Tap “Diary” on your tab bar
  • Swipe through your previous entries until you’ve located the meal you would like to copy
  • Tap directly on the meal to bring up an overview of the tracked items
  • Tap “Copy Meal”

The meal will be automatically assigned to today’s diary. However, if you wish to copy the meal to an alternate day, tap “Today” next to the calendar icon, select your preferred date, then tap “OK”.

You also have the option to search for and add further items to your meal, or to remove certain items, by tapping the cross button.

When you are ready to copy your meal, tap “Done.”

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