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What happens to my AR Runs at the end of the year?

We just want to give you advanced notice about how the new year affects adidas Runners. Have a look at what 2019 means for you and for us!

What Happens on January 1st?

If you kick off 2019 by checking your adidas Runners profile, you’ll notice that your AR Run total will be set to zero. However, your level will remain the same until exactly 12 months after you last leveled up.

We wanted to notify you in advance so that you can participate in as many AR Runs as possible to reach the next level before the end of the year to enjoy all benefits of your new level. Get active and stay active with your adidas Runners community!

What About the Rest of 2019? 

We’ll keep running together, of course!

  • You’ll maintain your current level for 12 months from the date you last leveled up in 2018.
  • To keep your current level also after these 12 months have passed, you need to complete the number of runs specified to earn that level again.
    Let’s say you levelled up to Bronze on October 22nd, 2018 – this means you’ll keep your Bronze Level until October 21st, 2019. To keep it afterwards, you’ll have to participate in at least 15 AR Runs between January 1st and October 21st, 2019.
  • You can never drop back to Starter Level once you’ve reached the adidas Runners level.
  • If you complete more runs and qualify to level up, you’ll reach the next level, as always.
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