What happened to my AR Credits at the end of the year?

You’ll notice that your AR Run total has been set to zero. However, your Badge remains the same until exactly 12 months after you last leveled up.

What About the Rest of 2024?

We’ll keep running together, of course!

  • You’ll maintain your current Badge 12 months from the date you last leveled up in 2023.
  • To keep your current Badge after these 12 months have passed, you need to complete the number of runs specified to earn that Badge.
    Let’s say you levelled up to Bronze on October 22nd, 2023 – this means you’ll keep your Bronze Badge until October 21st, 2024. To keep it afterward, you’ll have to participate in at least 15 AR Runs between January 1st and October 21st, 2024.
  • You can never drop back to Starter Badge once you’ve reached the adidas Runners Badge.
  • If you complete more runs and qualify to level up, you’ll reach the next Badge, as always.
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