Personal Plan in the Balance App

The Personal Plan allows you to specify your preferred daily calorie allowance, along with your ideal ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

To create your Personal Plan in the Balance app, follow the short steps below:

  • Open the Balance app
  • Tap “Plans” on your tab bar
  • Scroll down to “Additional Plans”
  • Select “Personal Plan”
  • Select “Create Plan”
  • If you wish to customize your daily calorie allowance before adjusting your macronutrients, tap the pencil icon next to your total daily allowance.


Each color on the slider represents a different macronutrient. (carbohydrates, protein, and fat)

  • Move the slider to the left or right to adjust your intake of each macronutrient
  • To return to the default ratio, tap “Recommended Ratio” at any time
  • Once you are satisfied with your macronutrient ratio, tap “Start”

You can reconfigure your plan at any time by tapping “Edit” in the Plans tab.

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