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Why am I unable to join an adidas Runners event in the Runtastic app?

If you are unable to join a particular event in the Runtastic app (i.e. the “Join Event” option is greyed out or disabled), this could be due to any of the following reasons:

  • You’ve forgotten to join the respective adidas Runners community - You will need to first join the respective adidas Runners community before you can join an event hosted by them. Not sure how to do this? Take a look at this article.

  • The event has already started - It is not possible to join an event more than 60 minutes after the scheduled event start time.

  • The event is full - Some events may have a limited number of participants. Once all the available places have been filled, it will no longer be possible to join the event.

  • The event clashes with another one of your joined events - It is not possible to join two events with overlapping start or end times.

  • The event has restrictions -You must meet the requirements for the event in order to join. Some events may have age restrictions, or certain challenging events may require you to already be at a higher AR level before you can join.





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