Where can I see the participants of an adidas Runners event?

Want to see who else is going to an event you’ve joined? The participants list is displayed just under the full description of an event. To reach this screen, follow the simple steps below:

  • Open the adidas Running app
  • Tap “Community” on your tab bar
  • Select “adidas Runners Member” and tap your adidas Runners community under “My AR community”
  • Tap “View Upcoming Events” followed by the respective event
  • Tap “Show more” next to “Participants” to view the names of all the other adidas Running users who joined the event via the app. The participants list is only visible to fellow members of the community

Note: The participant count also includes those who have joined the event via adidas.com/adidasrunners. The names of these participants will not be displayed in the participants list.

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