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How do I ensure that my event participation counts towards my adidas Runners level?

While you’re busy celebrating your success after your adidas Runners event, the Runtastic app will automatically confirm that you participated and your AR Run will count towards your adidas Runners level.

To make sure that you’re rewarded for your efforts, just follow the steps below before your event begins:

  • Track your event activity with the Runtastic app or with devices that sync directly to the Runtastic platform. 

  • Join the adidas Runners event in the Runtastic app before it starts - Make sure you join the event no later than 60 minutes after the scheduled event start time.

  • Set your activity type to “Running” in the Runtastic app - Only GPS-tracked running activities will be confirmed as AR Runs. For help with this step, please see here if you are using an iPhone or here if you’re using an Android device. Make sure your phone is fully charged to ensure you can track the entire event.

  • Be ready at the event start location at the official start time and don’t forget to hit start on the Runtastic app when the run gets going! Your GPS location and the start time of your activity will confirm your participation in the event (Don’t worry if the event doesn’t start at the exact scheduled start time –  we’ll take this into account and you won’t lose out!)

  • After the event is over, make sure you have an active internet connection - To enable us to confirm your participation, an internet connection is required.

As long as you carry out the above steps, your event participation will qualify as an AR Run and count towards your all important adidas Runners level. See here to find out more about AR Runs and levels. 

Note: If you add an activity manually, either in the Runtastic app or on Runtastic.com, or if you import an activity to Runtastic.com, these activities will not count towards your adidas Runners level. We can only confirm your participation in events where you’ve tracked your running activity live with a GPS signal.

Still unsure how to get credit for your adidas Runners event participation? Check out the video below: 

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