Do I have to use the adidas Running app to be part of adidas Runners?

Although using adidas Running is not a requirement to become part of adidas Runners, tracking your adidas Runners events (AR Runs) with the adidas Running app offers huge benefits.

Not only do you have one handy place for all your adidas Runners statistics, upcoming events, and joined communities, tracking with the adidas Running app also enables you to work towards your adidas Runners level.

The more AR events you track with adidas Running (or with devices that synchronize directly with your adidas account*), the higher you can level up and the more rewards you earn!

*The following devices synchronize directly with the adidas Running app:

However, it is not mandatory to use the adidas Running app to track your AR events. You can also check in to running events manually. For more information please take a look at the following article.

Add: For other devices, you also have the option to synchronize or import your activity to adidas Running as a .gpx or .tcx file. For help with importing your activity, please see here.

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