Tracking Steps with a Runtastic Wearable

If you have connected your wearable to the Steps app, you will still need to choose your preferred step-tracking source. Follow the simple steps below to do this:

  • Tap the “Profile” tab followed by the gear icon in the top right corner
  • Select “Step Tracking Sources”
  • Choose either “Google Fit” or “This Device”

The Steps app will then be able to collect your data from both sources - your wearable and your additional step-tracking source.

This means that you can still track your steps with Google-Fit or your device even if you’ve forgotten to put on your wearable in the morning - you just need to have your phone with you. If you put your wearable back on later that day, the Steps app will simply add any steps you’ve already tracked with Google Fit/your device to the steps tracked with your wearable.

If you are using both step-tracking sources at the same time, for example, walking with your wearable on your wrist and your phone in your pocket, there’s no need to worry. The Steps app will recognize this and display the value from the step-tracking source which has collected the highest number of steps.

For these reasons, you might see a slight variation between the value shown in Google Fit and the value displayed in the Steps app.

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