How can I use training plans within the adidas Runtastic app portfolio?

There are two kinds of training plans within the adidas Runtastic app portfolio:

- Training plans for running

You want to be part of the next marathon or complete your first 10k? Training plans for running help you to professionally prepare for your running goal. The workouts are developed by experts and are specifically designed to continuously improve your performance. Choose your plan and start running with your adidas Running app! You can find more information on our Training Plans for Running here.

The training plans in the adidas Training app are based on your fitness level and help you build strength, burn fat and define your muscles with around 190 bodyweight exercises. You are able to give feedback on your experience every week (and let us know, for example, if the training was way too difficult or too easy) and your plan for the following week will be adjusted based on your performance and feedback. Visit our Help Center for more information on the 12-week training plan and the adidas Training app on Android or iOS.

All Training Plans are unlocked for Premium Members. In addition, a selection of Training Plans is also free for non-Premium Members.

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