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Help for GPS Problems on Android Phones

Most of the new smartphones use a “Smart Manager” or similar kind of power saver, which might block some of the functionality of your apps. For instance, it might cause your app to crash, or interfere with the GPS tracking.

Follow these steps to deactivate the power saver on your smartphone:


  • Open the phone’s settings and select “Battery”
  • Tap “Detail” in the “App power saving” section
  • Tap one of the Runtastic apps
  • Make sure that “Turned off” is selected  


  • Go to the settings
  • Tap “Power”
  • Tap “Off” to deactivate the power saving mode


  • Go to the settings and select “Power saving”
  • Tap “Protected apps” and select the apps which should not be disabled in the power saving mode


Most of the other Android phones also use a power saver which can be found in the settings. Please make sure that the Runtastic apps are excluded from the energy saving mode.

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