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Progress Pics

You can now keep track of your transformation by taking Progress Pics right in your app.

Open your Results app, tap “More” and then select “Progress Pics”. Then all you have to do is tap “Take Photo” at the bottom of the screen and you are ready to go. It is important to line up your eyes and knees with the lines provided. You can move the picture afterwards to fit the lines or choose a different picture from your phone.

How is my progress displayed?

On the left, you will always see the original picture, and on the right, the current one. You can also switch the current picture for another one by tapping the icon next to “Progress” at the top. Tap the picture you would like to use from your photo gallery and then “Set” at the top. If you don’t see the “Set” button, the latest picture is set already.

Delete my progress pics

To delete a progress pic open your Results app, tap “More” and then select “Progress Pics”. Select the relevant pic and then use the trash in the upper right corner to delete the pic.  

How can I share my progress?

Tap “Share” underneath the progress pic and choose your preferred platform.

Note: The app of the chosen platform has to be installed on your iPhone.


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