Adding/Searching for Friends

Would you like to add a friend but you are out and about? No problem. Just do it with your adidas Training app.

There are two options to enter the “Friends” screen:

  1. Tap “More” in the lower right corner. Tap your name or profile picture at the top. In the lower half of the screen, you will find “XX Friends” and your pending requests. Tap that overview to enter the “Friends” screen.
  2. Tap “News Feed” in the lower left corner and then the “+” in the top right corner.

As soon as you are in the “Friends” screen, you are able to accept or decline friend requests, search for friends or see your current friends.

Search for friends:

You can either connect the app to Facebook or your contact list, or tap the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner to search for contacts. As soon as you are connected, possible contacts will be suggested in “People you may know.”

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