Shoe Tracking

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Do you know the last time you changed your running shoes? We recommend that you change your running shoes, depending on the model, abo every 500 kilometers to reduce the risk of injury.

The Shoe Tracking feature automatically assigns your kilometers to your running shoe.  

Add a Shoe

Follow these simple steps to add a shoe for the first time:

* Shoe Tracking is available for Running, Walking, Nordic Walking, Hiking and Running (Treadmill).

** We recommend retiring your shoes after 500 km. At this point, the cushioning capability of your shoes decreases, exposing your joints to greater shock and force.

Note: If you cannot find the brand or model of your shoe, select “Other” and enter the model name in the Nickname field.

Edit the Details of a Shoe and View the Statistics

Follow these simple steps to edit the details of a shoe or view the statistics:

Add or Reassign an Activity to a Shoe

Follow these simple steps to add or reassign an activity to a shoe:

Retire the Shoe

If your shoe has exceeded the recommended distance, you will receive a notification in an info screen. You can ignore the message by tapping “Not now” or view the details of the shoe by tapping “Go to shoe”.

Here, you have the possibility to retire your shoe by tapping “Retire”.

Note: Currently, you cannot reactivate a shoe. If you have already retired it, you cannot restore it.

If your shoe is already worn out before the recommended distance, you can retire the shoe manually:

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