Connect my Wearable

Mathias -

Follow these simple steps to connect your wearable with the Runtastic app:

To be able to connect your wearable with the Runtastic App make sure your wearable is already connected in the Me App! After the connection you are able to see your pace or distance on your Orbit.

Runtastic Moment

When you connect your Runtastic Moment to the Runtastic app, the clock hands will move to 12 o'clock. During your workout, the hour hand shows the kilometers/miles covered. The minute hand measures the meters - one full cycle corresponds to 1,000 m (1 km). The progress hand shows the progress towards your daily goal.

After an activity such as walking or running, your Me app will show you the values from the Runtastic app, which will also be included in your daily statistics.

Note: Your wearable has to be connected to the Me app before you can use your wearable with the Runtastic app.

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