What are Standalone Workouts?

Standalone Workouts are workouts you can do in addition to your Training Plan or your regular fitness routine.

Just tap “Workouts” on your tab bar and select Workout Collection. The workouts are listed in order of intensity and get harder the farther down the NATO alphabet you go. As you progress, you’ll soon be able to reach “X-ray.” You can do the same Standalone Workout multiple times to track improvements.

Before starting your Standalone Workout, make sure to watch the exercise videos so you are adequately prepared. The videos must be downloaded first. You can tap each video to start the download or tap the icon in the top right corner to download all the videos at once. As soon as the video is downloaded, just tap it to watch it as many times as you would like.

While all standalone workouts can be done indoors, you’ll find two special outdoor workouts in your adidas Training app, both of which you can do without any equipment in less than 30 minutes. Just look for the workouts marked with the adidas logo.

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