What is the Training Plan and how does it work?

Your personalized Training Plan will be created for you after you provided responses to three initial questions. The first part is about your current activity and fitness level. Then you let us know how often you exercise and how fit you evaluate yourself to be, followed by your current weight and height.

Now you are ready to get started on your first workout in Week 1!  

You are able to give feedback on your experience every week (and let us know, for example, if the workout was way too difficult or too easy) and your plan for the following week will be adjusted based on your performance and feedback.

After every week, you are able to choose whether you would like to do two, three, four or five workouts the following week. If you choose to do five workouts, it is important to complete all of them. Therefore, always make sure that you have enough time for the workouts you commit to for the following week, as you cannot change the number during the week.

Your Training Plan can start on any day you choose. This way you can easily fit your plan into your daily schedule. You are only able to do one workout per day in order to give your muscles some time to recover.

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