Manually set the Heart Rate Zones

You can customize the Heart Rate Zones in the adidas Running app. To do so, follow these simple steps:

  • Tap the Activity Setup icon next to the “Start” button
  • Select "Heart Rate Monitor"
  • Tap “Heart Rate Zones”
  • To change the values of the individual zones, tap the current value
  • Save your changes by using the go back arrow at the top left

If you choose a resting heart rate or a maximum heart rate at the top, the values of the other zones will change automatically as well.  

*This option is available to you in the adidas Running app as a Premium Member. 

Which zone is the best for me?

Easy: If you are a beginner or have not exercised in a while, use the easy zone. This zone will increase your fitness levels and burn fat as well.

Fat Burning: If your aim is endurance training, use the fat burning zone. This zone will help improve the supply of energy to the working muscles. Your heart will benefit and stored body fat will be burned.

Aerobic: If you want to increase your cardiovascular capacity and your pace, the aerobic zone is right for you. Here you will improve your muscle strength and continue to burn stored body fat.

Anaerobic: If increasing your anaerobic threshold (AT) is what you want, use the anaerobic zone. Training in this zone will delay the point (AT) where your body cannot remove lactic acid from the working muscles quickly enough.

Red Line: Do not train in the red line zone unless you are a serious athlete. Here you will increase your pace and develop speed, but be careful! You should only train in this zone for short intervals.

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