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Orbit Notifications Beta-Version

What’s it all about?

The Orbit Notification feature allows you to enable applications to forward notifications to your Runtastic Orbit. This means that whenever you receive a call, message or someone tags you on a picture on Facebook, your Orbit will inform you about it by vibrating and showing you the relevant icon.


How to activate the feature on my phone?

To activate the notification feature go to the menu and choose “Wearables”. In this section you will find “Orbit Notifications”. Toggle the controller right next to it to enable it.

Make sure that the "Notification access" for the Runtastic Me App is activated on your phone. If not, the Me App will guide you through it when you try to activate the notifications feature. (see images)

Tap "Give Permission" to go to the settings of your phone. Toggle the permissions next to "Runtastic Me" and then "OK".

In order for it to work, make sure that the phone is in Bluetooth range. The Orbit will only vibrate if the vibration on your phone is ON as well. Otherwise only the icon (and text) will show on your Orbit.

Please note that it might take a few seconds for the notification to appear on your Orbit after appearing on your phone.

When your Orbit is in Sleep Mode no notifications are displayed.

Note: This is a beta feature and might not work perfectly!

Which applications are supported?

In general the feature supports the following applications:

Phone Call | Missed Call | SMS | Hangouts | Google Mail | Facebook | Facebook Messenger | Whats App | Skype | Viber | Instagram | Twitter | Fiber | Line | Telegram | WeChat | Mailbox | Google Plus | Kakao Talk | Tango | Snapchat | Weibo

Those supported and installed on your phone are shown in the notifications-list in the Me App.

How to enable / disable the notifications

You might wish to not get a notification for all your apps installed. Therefore you are able to enable / disable the notifications. To do so, open the drawer menu and choose “Wearables”. In this section you will find “Orbit Notifications”. Toggle the controller right next to it to enable it. Tap it to see all your applications used. To enable / disable a notification for a specific application tap the box / tick next to it.

How to display the icon or icon + text

Again enter “Orbit Notifications” as explained above. Tap the application you’d like to edit (e.g. Gmail). A box will show up with the texts “Display icon and text” and “Display icon only”.

You can choose between those two depending on which way you would like to view e.g. an incoming email on your Orbit.

Now, when you receive a new email, there will be either the letter icon plus the name of the sender or just the letter icon.


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