Enable / disable the Auto Pause Feature

To enable / disable the Auto Pause Feature in the Road Bike App follow these simple steps:

  • Tap „Settings“ in the bottom right corner
  • Choose „Session“
  • In the session settings move the controller of Auto Pause to the right to enable / to the left to disable Auto Pause

Please note: 

We use the GPS signal to check if you are moving along and enable Auto Pause whenever you slow down to a near halt or stop moving at all. This is a technical issue for iOS, as the GPS reports no movement at a higher threshold than on Android. When riding a bike, especially up a hill, you may not be moving very fast, while still putting a lot of work into it. Thus, we want to make sure the app does not pause you at times like this. If you are using our Runtastic Speed & Cadence sensor, we know exactly when you are moving, regardless of the actual speed, which enables us to trigger the Auto Pause function as soon as your wheels and the pedal stop rotating.

Therefore the Auto Pause Function is only working when you are using a Speed & Cadence sensor. 

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