Add your own workout

To add your own workout in the Six Pack App go to the menu by tapping the icon in the upper left corner or swiping the screen from the left to the right. Choose „My Workouts“ and tap the cross in the upper right corner.

Name your workout and press „done“. Choose an exercise from the easy, medium or hard level by tapping on it. You can set a filter in the upper right corner, e.g. favorite exercises (star). 

After choosing an exercise you are able to change the number of sets and repetitions. To change the exercise type or the number of sets and repetitions afterwards just tap them again.

Add as many exercises you’d like to and tap „Done“ at the bottom of the screen to save your workout.

To delete the workout tap it and slide it to the left until the „delete“ button shows up. Press the button to delete your created workout.

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