Language Settings

The language of our adidas Runtastic apps is the same as the system language of your iPhone. For example, if your system language in German, the adidas Runtastic apps will also be shown in German.

How to change the language of the adidas Running app your iPhone:

Older than iOS 15.5: Go to the settings of your iPhone and choose "General". Scroll down until you reach "Language & Region". In the settings of "Language & Region" tap "iPhone Language" and choose your language from the list showing up. You will be asked if you really want to change your language. Tap “Change to [Language]”. Your iPhone is now being updated to your chosen language. Your adidas Runtastic apps will update their languages too.

iOS 15.5 and above: First, go to your iPhone settings. Then, navigate to the search bar at the top and type in ‘Running’. Once the app appears, tap on it, and you will then see the ‘Preferred Language’ section at the bottom. Tap on this, and select the language of your choice. Once done, you’re all set!

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